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I have applied for a personal loan to tamam finance, my loan has been approved but next day before i cash transfer i received a message from tamam finance that the loan has been cancelled and after that i can't log in my account, if i tried to log in it shows your account is pending verification. I called customer service they said me account blocked. And Suddenly i received a message from molim that i have to pay instalment from next month. What can be the solution for that?

Please help me if someone know about that.


Sounds like some sort of error.  Contact the financing company.

@XTang but brother, there is a big issue with tamam finance company, i Have called them many times they doesn't response. Very bad customer service.

No idea what to do

They are the ones who have done all of this.  So only they can sort it out.  Go to their offices or try to find a senior person to talk to.  Take an arabic speaker with you.

But i have applied on online, is that will be logical to go to Their office in fact i have try to find office and it is showing in riyadh 1000km far from me. Really very poor service

Well you have now learned.  What I am telling you is that since this is a private financing institute, only they can resolve this.  If you don't follow up and something happens e.g. they file a case against you because of what is showing in their are in trouble.   It is stupid, I agree but these things happen in Saudi due to poor customer service and bad work ethic, all the time.

@copasaarabia0 you have to raise your issue thru SamaCares once tamam will notify that you have complaint to them they will be the one to call you


Register your complaint online or visit (but before visiting book an appointment) with Sama Care with all required evidence/documents such as loan approval, loan cancellation, then payment schedule…



I have a case in moj because of unpaid loan in tasheel. My question is where do i pay the loan if there is a case in MOJ? Should i pay it on MOJ or with the tasheel directly? Please i need assistance.i am willing to pay the remaining balance.However i dont know where shall I pay? If i open the MOJ there is no payment option there. And how many days will my case be cleared?

@Shiella19 are u contact with your bank

@copasaarabia0 Assalamalaikum brother, I have the same experience just recently. I called their customer service twice and told me that after 10 working days the contract & promissory note which we process thru TAMAM App will be cancelled.

Second, I file a complaint in their website and got a response by SMS & by email that the complaint was resolved and closed. But I was not satisfied, so I reply to the email and ask if they can send me a proof that the contract & promissory note for my record. Because I am worried that if the contract & promissory note will not be cancelled or revoked, they may use this to force us in paying the loan amount which I did not receive.

The Process of their loan application is not the same with other financing company. If you are not eligible for loan, they will notify you immediately. But in TAMAM App, they will show you how much amount you can loan and start the process by submitting your information. Then you will received a call (recorded) from TAMAM (800-1010-999) to confirm the loan. Then you will accept the contract electronically and then you will received an SMS from NAFITH to approve the promissory note. Once this process is done, you will wait for 24 hours before you can cash out the loan amount. But when I tried to cash out, suddenly I can no longer access my TAMAM account. This is my second loan with TAMAM and the first one have no issues. I don't know what happened because the second application seems to be approved also as it shows my 1st payment will be on September 1 (when I can still access my TAMAM App). The Customer Service have no concrete explanation what happened, they just told me it was cancelled that's it, you asked them why? they will say this is what is showing in the system.


Hello good pm just want to ask what happened now with ur loan in tamam?


Good pm just want to ask what happened with ur complaint with tamam finance. Was the issue resolved? Coz I'm. Planning to make a loan but reading with all the bad reviews I'm quiet disappointed

@Shiella19 are you still in saudi arabia? are you still there when they filed a case?

I didnt receive sms from Nafith, what do you think is the problem?