Iqama had expired can i withdraw money from my bank account

Dear Sir,

one of my friend iqhama had expired for almost 2 years because his company having financial crisis .
he had money in his bank account know he wants to  withdraw money from his own bank account. is it possible he  can withdraw money or not.

kindly reply on this .


Go to the main office were your friend applied for opening an account. Because me when i was in riyadh (2016) my iqama expired. My company call the bank. Company gave the clearance to the bank. We went to the bank, signed the clearance and withdraw money over the counter.

Money in bank , In your account , thats your money brooo.....
no one can stop you to take it....
but yes in saudi arabia if your have expired iqama then all banks have diffrent protocol for  that, so just go to you bank talk to your branch manager, he will tell you a long story and then he will give you a list of documents he needs. arrange this documents from your company usually they ask NOC
take this letter to same bank , then branch manager will give you a check to fill and with this check your can withdraw your money

hello sir my iqama has been expired almost 12 month ago my company having financial issues and My company can't renew my iqama because a lot of employees of iqama expired not only me I'm going back to home Nepal by embassy final exit but I have money in my ATM card please how can i withdrawal money so I don't want to lose this money 🥲

kindly help and suggest me