Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Yes interesting. But I suspect that the greatest benefit comes from renters, not home and property buyers. There’s a lot more renters of an order of magnitude than buyers.

Also fixed deposits, unless used, are mainly only good for maintaining the foreign exchange balance. What the FD giveth it can also taketh away, with interest, when the MM2H recipient leaves. Now if they allowed more withdrawals from the fixed deposit for local purchases and investment then that would free up a trapped amount of cash for spending and even encourage it.

Let’s say someone with MYR 350,000 in a FD was tightly budgeted at MYR 4000/month. If they could free up that FD they might spend more freely, perhaps MYR 5000/month locally. That’s 12,000 more into the local economy per year. Just restrict those withdrawals to local goods and services. That may mean more employment (maid, health assistant, house or grounds keeping) an upgrade to a more expensive apartment, a lot more local tourism, car rentals, restaurant visits, etc.

I see the main benefit of the FD being
a) the foreign currency reserve (which requires a constant or increasing number of depositors to counter-balance those departing the program)
b) providing the banks with an asset pool for lending (by allowing withdrawals that allows the MM2H recipient some control over where money is invested or spent).

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Is the cash flow requirement for MM2H a must-have?  Or is the capital requirement sufficient if you can show that you have sizable amount available?


I'm under the impression is that they want both...evidence of LIQUID assets, AND Proof of adequate income.
In Sarawak it is there is no Asset requirement, but one has to demonstrate either a Fixed Deposit statement from any local bank in Sarawak [amount to RM 150,000.00 (for couple) or RM 100,000.00 (for individual)]
OR  latest 3 months government approved pension funds (for applicants who are 50 years old and above) [RM 10,000.00 (for couple) or RM 7,000.00 (for individual)].
OR proof of monthly off-shore income funds (for qualified applicants who are 30 years old and above- can be above 50 if one doesn't have pension) of RM 10,000.00 (for couple) or RM 7,000.00 (for individual)].

But one also needs a sponsor.

Thanks.  I misunderstood the income requirements thinking that this is an 'ongoing' requirement even AFTER the visa is approved.  Found out later this is a condition to be met only during the application process, up until the approval itself.

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