Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Yes interesting. But I suspect that the greatest benefit comes from renters, not home and property buyers. There's a lot more renters of an order of magnitude than buyers.

Also fixed deposits, unless used, are mainly only good for maintaining the foreign exchange balance. What the FD giveth it can also taketh away, with interest, when the MM2H recipient leaves. Now if they allowed more withdrawals from the fixed deposit for local purchases and investment then that would free up a trapped amount of cash for spending and even encourage it.

Let's say someone with MYR 350,000 in a FD was tightly budgeted at MYR 4000/month. If they could free up that FD they might spend more freely, perhaps MYR 5000/month locally. That's 12,000 more into the local economy per year. Just restrict those withdrawals to local goods and services. That may mean more employment (maid, health assistant, house or grounds keeping) an upgrade to a more expensive apartment, a lot more local tourism, car rentals, restaurant visits, etc.

I see the main benefit of the FD being
a) the foreign currency reserve (which requires a constant or increasing number of depositors to counter-balance those departing the program)
b) providing the banks with an asset pool for lending (by allowing withdrawals that allows the MM2H recipient some control over where money is invested or spent).

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Is the cash flow requirement for MM2H a must-have?  Or is the capital requirement sufficient if you can show that you have sizable amount available?


I'm under the impression is that they want both...evidence of LIQUID assets, AND Proof of adequate income.
In Sarawak it is there is no Asset requirement, but one has to demonstrate either a Fixed Deposit statement from any local bank in Sarawak [amount to RM 150,000.00 (for couple) or RM 100,000.00 (for individual)]
OR  latest 3 months government approved pension funds (for applicants who are 50 years old and above) [RM 10,000.00 (for couple) or RM 7,000.00 (for individual)].
OR proof of monthly off-shore income funds (for qualified applicants who are 30 years old and above- can be above 50 if one doesn't have pension) of RM 10,000.00 (for couple) or RM 7,000.00 (for individual)].

But one also needs a sponsor.

Thanks.  I misunderstood the income requirements thinking that this is an 'ongoing' requirement even AFTER the visa is approved.  Found out later this is a condition to be met only during the application process, up until the approval itself.

How long does it take for a new mm2h application to get approved these days?

Well we don't know if you submitted today. That would require one to be a psychic.

But this in Yesterday June 17 2019 from the Penang MM2H Group. Applied 18/05/2018 (#36643)

"Approval letter at long last [Letter received 17/6/2019]. If you are through an Agency, keep onto them. This application was approved at the 04/2019 meeting of 29/03/2019 and dated 31/05/2019."

So approximately 1 year from submission to notification for those who have already submitted a year back.

You can get a lifetime
Visa for the Philippines in 2 months time. For pensioners with a $10k fixed deposit. Much faster and somewhat better deal. $360 a year to keep
It up.
I might get one from there too. $1400 primary and $300 for each dependent so for
3 of us it will cost $2k same what I paid
For mm2h..

Is this a modification of their current program? Anywhere we can find more info on the opportunity (articles, announcements, etc.)

Hi 1openmind, Can you please provide me with any portal link or website address for retirement visa in the Philippines so that I can explore further information. Many thanks.

Thanks for the information. What do you guess about those to be lodged commencing in July 2019? Some time ago, the minister in charge promised the approval time would be 3 months.

It's all right here! Everything you want to know!

The Philippines SRRV program IS very interesting.

SRR Visa Classic has that $1400 + $300 dependent up-front fee.
Plus an annual fee of  $360/year (1+2 dependents, additional dependents US$100).
There is also a Fixed Deposit of US$50,000 for age 35-49, or US$10,000 for over 50 with pension, or US$20,000 without. In one version you can withdraw to purchase a condo or property, in the other it is fixed throughout the duration. … .14.15.pdf

Some of the options are only for diplomats or International NGO's that worked previously in the country, or returning Philippine nationals.

Yes it's true the approval within 3 months cause they are just opened back the program MM2H so they need to clear the previous submission and then they will do it for the new one .

3 months

Do you think the 3-month appoval period will commence in July 2019?

I submitted mine In January 1st week I will not hear anything until August. SRRV but  Philippines doesn't have as much to do as Malaysia. Depends where you go?
I thinks it's hotter there too? Don't care much for Manila is Chaos. Traffic jams daily. Get out to the the provinces it's much better. Have to get used to roosters crowing all hours of the night.
Typhoon season isn't any fun.

It's not a guarantee but make sure your documents is complete. But it's better for  you submitting instead wasting a time to finding out and delaying your own time.

The back log keeps growing so no it will not be 3 months for a long time. They would need to really double the pace they are approving them at the current rate.
They'll be lucky to get it down to 6 months.

Was wondering if any one received the conditional letter recently? My agent told me this morning that it will take another two weeks for minister to sign the letter.

Bulgarin wrote:

Was wondering if any one received the conditional letter recently? My agent told me this morning that it will take another two weeks for minister to sign the letter.

So your application already approved?

This is what I am told that committee approval for all the applications submitted in 2018 is done.

This is what I am told. But online startups on tracking is not changed to approved. So wondering what is happening.

Bulgarin: Congratulations, you are going to get your approval soon. Can you please tell us the date on which you submitted your application?

November 2018

Bulgarin: How long do you think it would take now for approval if one applies in July? Have you applied directly or through agent? Thanks.

I applied through an agent and it was very smooth. We just couriered the documents. We didn't have to go anywhere.
No idea how long will it take now.

What was your application number 39xxx or what?


Can you please name the agent?

I don't know whether it is appropriate to publish the name of the agent. I found it from MM2H website. There are hundreds of them.

Bulgarin wrote:

I applied through an agent and it was very smooth. We just couriered the documents. We didn't have to go anywhere.
No idea how long will it take now.

Congratulations to u on your approval. According to those who were approved too and posted in the forum , they got the condition approval letter nearly 6 weeks after the committee approved. But , since your agent said may take around 2 week to get the letter, that is good.

I will let you know once I get the conditional letter

Don't really believe everything the agent says, it's been known, agents keep promising "approval" to keep the applicants spirits high so can stall for time
Normal agents mode of operation


Yes you have to show both to satisfy the requirements of MM2H. Both 'offshore income' of USD 2400 minimum and the liquid assets of at least USD$84,000 (depending on your age.

However it only needs to be proven in bank statements '3 months prior' to your application, so you can be slightly 'creative' here. Best to talk to agents who are experienced in this. Check the link below they have a good information deck and very helpful checklist and based in the city.

Hello everyone. I am new to this site and whilst I have read many entries on the forum, I apologise in advance if the answer has already been given elsewhere!

My wife and I are English expats (both over 50) and looking to retire to Penang in 2020.

I am fairly comfortable with the required paperwork for MM2h application and am thinking of applying directly, rather than with an agent.

I would like to know if this is advisable or not, and how you get a sponsor in advance of arriving in Malaysia, or if an agent is effectively compulsory in this instance.

Also, with regard to visa delays, I am under the impression that if I apply in September 2019, I ought to get the validation letter around March/April 2020 with the need to turn up and finalise everything before September 2020. Does this sound about right?

Finally(!), as I will be applying from Europe but will probably have moved to Malaysia before the visa process finishes, can you update your address mid-process or do you just get your mail redirected and allow an extra few weeks for the paperwork to come through.

I have really appreciated the information you have all contributed so far, and I hope you can spare the time to help out now. Many thanks.

If you are going to be moving mid way through your application, you are better off using an agent. There is no proper mechanism to update your home address with the government. The government office never picks up their phone and emails do not get replied to, with an agent you can let them know any future plans and they will keep you updated on your application status

Does the term "liquid assets" include holding of stocks and shares? One agency indicate it can make up 30% of the total.

A few years ago my friend called MM2H to ask about the meaning of "liquid
asset", whether stock and shares count as one. Tne answer was a no.

That put the friend off from applying

Just show them the website definition from sites like investopedia, motley fool, etc. All say stocks and bonds are "liquid assets".

Illiquid assets would be assets that have a substantial penalty you sell them off before a particular maturity date...a Fixed Deposit, for example.  Of course stock, bonds, and even mature money market shares could depreciate.

One could theoretically argue that the penalized withdrawal amount for a FD or even Social Security income would be allowable, I suppose. Real Estate or a business is not easily liquidated, thus is not considered "liquid".

BTW income and assets must be external to Malaysia. Sadly that might exclude some expats that worked for Malaysian companies or have their income tied up in a Malaysian bank. Seems stupid, but you could move your money OUT into a foreign HSBC branch and then bring it back as a Fixed Deposit?