Any expats living in maadi. (Expats only)

Hey guys are there any expats living in maadi? Am new here and want to explore the city

I know many expats living in maadi

Hii sherifsheko where i can find and meet the expats living in cairo?

Caroline u can go Ace club or BCA in Maadi u will find alot of expats,, i always meet my expats frndz there

Hey Caroline we meet up every weekend so we can meet them together if u want
Send me ur number and i will contact u to arrange it

Hi sherifsheko thank u very much i sent u my number check ur inbox

Would u all stop sending me these stupid messages and requests!!!! I asked expats only but found tons of egyptian men sending the same stupid messages, am not looking for dating or a night stand out am looking just for expats friends.

Hello everyone,

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Hello Caroline,

I suggest you go to the MCC, you will find there expats from many countries, and is a safe environment to find good friends and meet families as well :)

Best wishes,


I will be moving up 19th August. I am from England originally. I am a teacher.

Can I contact you again when I move into my new flat?

Take care,


Sorry for what happened from this kind of ppl (big sorry) it's a shame to make any expats take this idea about Egyptian

Heyy eagle abo I appreciate your comment but they are really disgusting...i will never want to meet any egyptians because of them even though there are very few respectful guys like you.

Hiii caroline of course yes that would be great...i will contact you

i can understand your feelings but believe me they are young and they dont know the real and deep meaning for there actions and at the other hand there many of the good educated Egyptians who travel and have full experience about treating ppl and as you know at any country there is a good ppl and bad ppl and its depends what you are looking for and if i got bad experience with some nationality i cant say allot them are bad ,but anyhow good luck  and stay safe and someday you will say i would love to live in egypt all my life and you wont return back again    (ppl here is warm and kind) and you came from uk and u know what i meant (i traveled many country coz of my job ) :)
my regard


Well i can tell that till now nothing impress me unfortunately and they are not just the young they are of all ages till 50 years men . I hate stereotyping but that's the common thought about the european single women here in egypt , they can't understand that we have manners and self respect and that we are not easy women, anyway thank you very much you are such a polite respectful person . I must not be Egyptian lol

come on :)

I live 25 minutes my metro from Maadi go there offten

where are you from

Hey welcome

I just arrived as well and found this forum now on accident.

I live in maadi however it seems like there's many foreigners. However I haven't met any Americans. Let me know if you find any cool spots.

Well I did tell you I go to Maadi often live 25 minutes by metro in Hadayek Helwan but guess you are not interested in meeting woman.   
Have a great time enjoy your new flat and be happy Egypt is wonderful the people are lovely but your right about most men not all

Dr. Maimunah

Dr. Maimunah how are you ?wish you doing great I think she is not on Egypt now so that she did not come to expat forum so don't judge tell she return to the forum again and about what you both saying about the Egyptian men I think the Egyptian mean less worse than the men from many countries, I have been to USA and Europe and I leave between families there and I know what's is going on anyhow any place have the good and bad ppl and the difference in cultures can make ppl confused in there way of approache as example men in USA or Europe can meet lady and tell her I am interested and ask her so direct for making relationship here on Egypt is different men have to wait tell the women take the 1st move so he can talk and go in relationship that's why most of relationship between Egyptian men and women from USA or Europe been not  completed coz the difference in religions and cultures and custom and traditions  I wish if my idea got through

Nice ideas brother but I am from Lebanon not the west although I have visited there and Egyptian men most want the same no commitment just fun so all woman should be careful.

I agree with you dear sister that's some of Egyptian men want no commitment and just fun but let me tell you this plz women now a day is more dangerous than the men in this way of life ,they just need fun and no any kind of commitment.
As Arab and Muslim country at the past the women was staying home don't go work don't go out without her husband but now a day it's very different and if you visit the Egyptian Court you will know how the Arabic women is now a day
So plz we can't judge man or woman we can only judge both of them actions only without saying mam or women .
All regards laady24
Captain Ahmed

Hi Caroline

Welcome to Cairo! I'm a South African woman living in Maadi. If you have Facebook, the "Expat Females in Cairo" group is extremely helpful. Would love to chat, there's loads to see and do around here. I've been in Egypt for 9 months so far.

I prepare for making a regular weekly gathering
If you interested share your ideas with us

i am will be happy if you agree to be your guide to know more about Maddi i have a car and i can use it to be very comfortable for you

hi Wardany

can you please tell me the ACE & BCA Address

Salaam have been in Egypt since Feb 2009.    Only leave to see my mother and for medical reasons like e-coli.  That Egyptians can fight off easy hard for foreigners to fight off.

Love Egypt and the people to much so sad their living situation with salary and prices going up so high is so bad

The whole world seams to be run by a few very rich families now days. The little people suffer so much

Yes ppl suffering from prices but also a lot of lazy ppl won't work and need only comfortable kind of job and I can give u examples and how come country like Egypt has this great location and located to sea and has gas and minerals and solar energy and has 90 million ppl can't be a great country so the problem is not about poor or rich the mean problem is the person in this country and the mangers is not qualified and lazy ppl , if u look for Emirates they have only gas but they are smart ppl the brought good managers to manage projects and train ppl how to manage and now a day they developed very great country with different ideas and different cultures , so we need smart and honest ppl love this country and good managers well educated so it's not reason for ppl her  to suffer coz they did that to themselves
All regards and respects
Captain Abo

Most of my friends husbands have two jobs and them one.   I am sure you know lazy people but I do not all I know work really hard to have what they need and to get ahead   
One young girl works her job and freelances on the side makes about 4,000 or 5,000 a month she is getting married soon so saves her money Egyptians that I know always cry poor always have money

Hello caroline my name is amro I am 24 dentist i live in maadi i would like to know you

I do not live in Maadi but spend a lot of time there
my town has little and Maadi is 15 minutes by metro

so I go there a lot

Contact me

I will be back soon
and we can show each other
what we have found in Maadi
is quite interesting place
but keeps changing so fast now

Hi Caroline. Im an expat living near Maadi. Inbox me and we can exchange numbers. Ive  been livong here 6 months now. I am a Private ESL Teacher here. Hope to hear from you. Blessings!

Check the CSA and the ACE clubs in Maadi. You will find a lot of expats there. and

Hello, I'm living in Maadi almost 2 months now.

That’s nice do you like Maadi?
Have made friends
Travel around a lot

Nice to see an old thread being opened. Hope there can be a small gathering so people of diverse culture can exchange view and spend a good time.

expat only


I am looking to relocate from Dokki to find a suitable place to live and work as an English Teacher. I’m especially interested in moving to Nasr city or very close to this area.
Would one know of any language academies in this area?

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