English speaking jobs !

Hey all
Is it possible to get English speaking jobs in Brussels, for someone who speaks no French/Dutch/German? I am coming at the end of the month. I don't mind if it is in a bar or a hotel or anything. Thank you!


If you find one, it will be an undeclared work without any social coverage ... because coming to a foreign country without a minimum of preparation is to go straight into the wall.

You would be able to get a cleaning job they dont really care what you speak as you dont have to speak. Also kitchen work ive heard.

My friend ,,,to work in belguim u have to speak one of the 2 languages  ( no way )

Hi Vander30,

There are three officials languages in Belgium. Not only two... French, Flemish and German...

YES hehehehe u are right ....I almost forgot it :)
but the main big regions vlaams & wallonie .

Yes, German is an official language but spoken by only 76000 persons and they speak almost all French, given that they are in Wallonie area ;)

But anyway, at least good/correct French and Dutch notions are requested in Brussels.

Belgian germain speaking peoples are maybe few but they have thé lowest Lebel of jobless peoples...
And it is a very Nice region. Ans tout consider thème like you do, it the same to say that Alsacian region is peanut...

I was going to say that it is possible. I got a cleaning job without speaking any dutch or french

There's a few IT jobs around where you don't need to local language(s). I'm working for an English speaking international company in Mechelen. I've also worked for DHL and Delhaize in English. There are a few English (only) speaking aircraft technicians at Zav airport. You could try one of the English speaking bars, but you usually need to be able to least say the bill amount in the local language. hth

Pls, i need kind of job too if you have anyone pls let me know. Thanks

I can only give some tips from my own experience. I am not involved in recruiting,
I've thought of some other companies where I know English speakers (not necessarily mother tongue) who work there, and these people are not proficient in the local languages: Asco, Toyota, Goodyear-Dunlop, Oracle.
International companies in the Flemish region tend to be more flexible, although this cannot be relied upon.
Imho, German is marginal in the Brussels area, and I'm surprised that other posters felt it worthy of mention. Yes the Hoge Venen/Hautes Vannes is very pretty, but it's nowhere near Brussels, and Antonis14 did ask about Brussels.

I'm looking for a part time job, I can't speak the 3 language. It seems difficult to find one.


Finding a job requires rigor and organization. Speak several languages, is good. But are these languages adapted to the region? It must also have the little something extra that makes you want a potential employer to offer you a contract.

how? just wondering....I was there for a month and half,I contacted every cleaning agency and nothing.

I'm not a fluent French user and from day one I've made sure that everyone knew I was an English speaker.  I had no trouble at all on a very big Belgium company, but I think that due to the nature of my work (IT related) it is rather acceptable by all.
And I can assure you that I'm not the only one on this position at this company.

do you perhaps know where one could apply for factory work?Thanks

Can you give more information on how you found the job, where and the average salary?

Thank you

Where can i find these cleaning jobs? Coz I am a student and looking for a job too.But I dont speak either french or dutch.

Call cleaning angentcys that use dinst cheques. Although may not alllow for a student. L and s cleaning servicea may have one in halle near brussels or domestic serices.be i dont live in brussels so cant help spefically


May I ask what company or individual you work for?

I only speak English and a little Italian and business where I work in a major Belgium company is carried out in English.


And why not take the opportunity to learn one to two more foreign languages. Since Belgium has three official languages.


jrswinter :

I only speak English and a little Italian and business where I work in a major Belgium company is carried out in English.


Im moving to belgium and i dont know where to start to look for job.
I only speak english .
Could you please recommend some english company or companies who accepts without knowledge of french/dutch language?
I work in estate agents in england but i have to leave my job because of my husband

hi, great to hear your success in terms of getting a job in michelen.  i'm also an IT Professional, a Business Analyst.  can you share with us please as to how you get an IT job?  is it still possible to get a job here despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic?  I look forward to hearing from you.

thank you.

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