Do officials at Riyadh airport check my laptop and harddisk?

If i am exiting from Riyadh to some other city do they check my laptop and harddisk ?

Yep...supposed to go through scanning.but the Airline officials have no right to weigh thd laptop bag.should be for free.

Yep....if your laptop feels heavy and malicious ...they might want to check all that porn you downloaded on to it ! :lol:

i have always wondered if 1's weighed more than 0's

but if you are worried that they might search your laptop - i think it would be a really good idea to publish that fact on a very public forum :-)

yes they do sometimes

I guess all porn sites banned here. I was worried because i have lots of hollywood movies and tv series that contain few mins of those scene. Will it be considered as illegal? Those movies and scenes have nothing to do with any religion.

Now that you've posted that on here they will :P

Thousands of passengers come into Saudi Arabia daily, I have hardly heard of any body's laptop being searched for forbidden content.

If you are carrying external hard disks or DVDs in quantities considered commercial in nature, there is a chance it will be checked.

There are free utilities available on the net that will enable you to hide directories on harddisks and laptops, you might consider installing them in case you have doubts. :)

Usually they don't check. It just goes through a scanner along with your other things. But if they spot any drugs hidden in your laptop or hard disk through that scanner then they won't hesitate at all ;)

Oh man !!! I would never suggest you to keep anything which drive them crazy .it happened to a family friend of mine and u have no idea what he been through .
Mostly they don't but if they do . Anyone can be in deep shi*

This has never happenend in all my travels across the Kingdom, and in visiting adjacent countries. Nobody has told me that it ever happenend to them. I doubt that you have anything to worry about, unless they think that you are a terrorist.

don't worry about it man !

You are right, this happened with two of my friends,
Their all Cds were checked and laptop was investigated if it has any porn movies etc.

These days they dont check. but i have heard stories of passengers laptop being checked 5 or 6 years ago.

We reached for the rescue of our family friend when they nabbed him with his hard disk which had one porn movie , they took penalty of 500 and kept scaring him with possible state punishment and told him that we may send you to jail or gov may chop your head for this .
It was terrifying night i would never suggest anyone to carry that. If anyone is so fond of the stuff pl go to torrent for that :mad:

Friend if you will carry a **** with your hard disk better download an app that you can make a virtual drive that you will input two different password. First password just for false data and the second password is for the original data...

better to upload it in your google drive and clean your hardisk of any *** or malicious data that is banned here.


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