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I applied schengen visa from Belgium Embassy through VFS Kolkata office on 25th August for my parents and for me as we were invited (Invitation letter signed and stamped by Leuven municipality) by my sister and brother-in-law  from Belgium. on 29th we received  my parents VISA but not mine. When I search my status on VFS site it showing that it has been sent to Belgium Immigration office for further assessment.  I tried to search my status from Immigration office web site and found that they registered my application on 8th September. Till now it showing that my application isin under process.
Now my question is how long does it take to issue the visa? My journey date is on 17th Oct. I applied a short term family visit visa.

Hello Neel,

It is an unfortunate situation. Normally, short term visa applications are not sent to Belgium. Only such applications are sent where the consulate in India is not able to make a decision or when they are not convinced the applicant will return to India after the stay in Belgium (Also in case of inadequate documentary proofs, not properly justified multiple entry request, duration more than 89 days, etc). Anyway, the current turn around time is 3-4 weeks (depending on the workload of the exterior ministry it can go upto 8-10 weeks also) for a decision to be made once the file is received in Belgium.

There is no way to expedite the process as far as I know, for short term applications.


Hi Aneesh,

Thank  for the answer.
I submitted all the documents as per the requirement including my salary slip (although I have a sponsorship by my brother in law) and my holiday approval letter from my employer. I applied multiple entry visa for 18/10/15 to 15/11/15.


I have seen rejection letters which mentioned "multiple entry asked without proper justification". This may or may not be the cause of your file to go to Belgium, but a generic advice is, if you do not plan to exit and re-enter schengen zone during the period of your short term stay here, do not request multiple entry. If you request multiple entry, do provide documentary evidence (for example, you plan to visit UK during your stay in Belgium - In this case, you need a multiple entry visa as you are leaving schengen zone and coming back during your stay here - you can provide the travel reservations to UK as a documentary evidence justifying demand for multiple entry visa) to justify that.

BTW, In the application forms of your parents: Did you mention multiple entry or single entry ?

For parents its also multiple entry.

strange.. anyway. the only thing we can do now, is to wait for a response from the ministry here.

Ya. thats only option we have now.
Thank You again.

dear , i don't want you to get this but unfortunately i have to tell you. Your application will be rejected if you are under 35 age and why you have showed your family lives in Belgium. 99% you wont get visa 1% is your luck if it get stuck by a good officer ...and by chance in Brussels only one good visa officer is there , his name is Jason but unfortunately he is on leave...anyway try your luck....i will be happy if you get visa....but just for advise don't apply short stay visa from Belgium if any your relative living in Belgium, apply when you don't know anyone there or else apply dependant visa.
Do post if you get visa........

Hi Prashant,
Yes I am less than 35 year old (25 year)
If it is get rejected, Can I apply again a fresh application for tourist visa instead of family visit visa. What do you suggest? I want to stay there only for 15 to 30 days. What other document i have to submit to get a tourist visa?

Forget belgium ...they dont entertain tourist...becAuse they have in their mind that we wont go back to our home country ....even if you give them a document from court they wont give u their dictionary only dependant visa arise ....if you have not given your relative's name then there was a chance to get visa....

Now dont waist your time for belgium go and apply schengen visa from france embassy ...they give visa within 48 it and make your travel prepration and if you have visa from france you can go in belgium also....


Similar case with me. I have applied for my parents from VFS Delhi on 31-Aug and their files have come to Belgium on 10-Sep. Still no updates on the status. The initial travel plan was from 23-Sep but I have rescheduled them now to 14-Oct.
Can anybody let me know if I need to submit the new booking details to Belgium authorities?If yes how?

:(  My parents visa got rejected. I am yet to receive details for the rejection.

I am planning to re-apply again. Can you please suggest which one will be better?
1. Challenge the decision and go for remonstration. How much time will it take?
2. To apply again for Belgium visa? Do we have any cooling off period before I apply again after rejection?
3. To apply for another schengen country with tourist visa? Do I need to wait for sometime as I had the visas rejected just now? Do we have any cooling off period before I apply again after rejection?

Plz help me guys.

You can appeal regarding your rejection....


Please stop spreading baseless 'facts'. No, just because somebody is under 35 doesn't mean their visa will get rejected. I have know tens of people around me in that age group who have gotten their visa on time and without any issues.

**** Do YOU have access to a study or a research we all here are missing out on? If yes, state your sources. *******

Indians of all ages come and go through Belgium as tourists ALL THE TIME.

Why should anyone be granted a visa if they present a 'document from court', do you even know how visas work? Do you even know that simply re-applying from French Embassy for the same visa in a short time frame will not magically result in a visa?

Of course you don't.


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Sandy2000 wrote:

:(  My parents visa got rejected. I am yet to receive details for the rejection.

I am planning to re-apply again. Can you please suggest which one will be better?
1. Challenge the decision and go for remonstration. How much time will it take?
2. To apply again for Belgium visa? Do we have any cooling off period before I apply again after rejection?
3. To apply for another schengen country with tourist visa? Do I need to wait for sometime as I had the visas rejected just now? Do we have any cooling off period before I apply again after rejection?

Plz help me guys.

That is sad :(

1. I have no experience with both, but my suggestion is to wait for the rejection letter, check the reasons for rejection and then decide if you can provide more supporting documents or so and re-apply.
2. In my knowledge there is no cooling off period between rejection and new application.
3. In my opinion, applying again to Belgium will be better. I know all schengen countries can view your previous application history. OR may be to the more kind French embassy, I don't know really :(

For point 2, a call to VFS helpline will give you the official answer.


Does an appeal have a specific turn around time or is it wise to apply for Shengen again for a different country than Belgium showcasing hotel bookings instead of showing family member residing in belgium. Is it needed to go for appeal first or can I directly re apply,does a rejection make my case weaker for a re application in other Shengen countries than Belgium??


I know better than you about visa ..and which visa did you apply ..if I'm correct you applied visa D dependant do one thing if you think you are best in visa procedure then wait for visa d to expire or else wait for your F card to expire ...if you have not got F card then return to India and apply short visa c and then tell me in this forum ...did you get the visa...share the screen shot also...

I'm not spreading any rumour ..all i want to help others and face the reality ...but if you want this you are most welcome....

@sandy ...

there is no cooling off period can apply whenever you want...even on the same day of your rejection letter received  but reapplying wont make your case stronger....

If you can provide anything be anything any proof of returning back to India then you can get the visa...Just make sure you provide very very hard source of returning back to India ..the people who have dependant visa don't have to show any proof of returning back to their home country....which is why easily dependant visa's are processed ...on short visa you need to proof to them that you will return back to your home country....Please note if you are unmarried then your chances become too low ...

My suggestion is to wait....most application are rejected because people are not able to proof their intention to leave the country and i'm sure on the rejection letter you will also find the same reason......

Thanks for your valuable inputs.So I am in a dilemma,if I need to first go for an appeal of the change in decision or should I re apply for Shengen other than Belgium for other favorable countries showing hotel bookings etc rather than showing a family member residing in Belgium.I hear from my colleagues that their parents family visit visa has also been rejected.
In case I apply for an appeal is there any turn around time and as u say strong documents supporting my circumstances in India could it be property tax etc?I have incurred some ticket cancellation losses and this time I want to be prepared and support with all necessary documents although I did in the first instance.

sandy suggestion  would be to wait at least for 6 months now....however the decision is yours you can reapply also and appeal also....


I have received the reasons for rejections.
- Coverage is inadmissible: the guarantor does not have an unlimited residence in Belgium.
- No or insufficient evidence of financial coverage for the stay.
The reimbursement is not accepted. Also has concerned does not have sufficient financial resources to the submitted bank account to fund the travel and accommodation of himself and his wife in Belgium.
- Your intention to leave the territory of the Member State before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.

I am planning to file for appeal. Previously I have shown my bank account with 3500euros and my parents account with 3 Lakhs. Now I am planning for appeal with below documents. Along with that my parents will mention they have another daughter in India, to support their reason to back to India.
- My parents bank account with more than 8 lakhs.
- My fathers Business registration certificate in India
- Property documents in the name of my father and mother
- My father's company's IT returns for last 2 years

Please suggest if I need to add more details.

Hi all.i want some info about belgium visa.anyone help me plz .i have question ?


You must find a job/an employer ready to employ you but he mus prove he doesn't find ny european to do the job. So, if you don't have big qualifications, that will be very hard. Moreover, exept maybe in interantional companies, you must speak French or/and Dutch...

Thankyou  Steff .my husband applied for me and my son visa for long term stay in belgium .i just want to know how much time it's taken .i check my sataus my visa application registerd on 13 July 2017 .in belgium authorities .

Expect response within 5-6months... i got mine in 5months...

Is this thread open ? Guys need your suggestions ! My wife applied for short stay tourist visa at New Delhi VFS. Current Status is Visa gone to Belgium Immigration Office for futher processing .
How long should we wait for the decision to come ??

mostly got it in 12 working days... lucky to those who got it earlier...

Hi All,

Is this thread open? I had applied schengen tourist visa for my sister and mom. My sister's visa is been forwarded to belgium for further processing. It is already been 15 days, no updates from them. Normally how long does it take to process the short stay applicatons?

Rather than using the discussion of other people, you could have read the articles already published on this website. You would have seen that the process can take weeks. And months in some cases...

Hi Phipiemar,

I know it takes several days/weeks for processing the visa, as the same is given in their website. But i was looking ppl's experience because alteast i could get some idea how/when they received their short stay.

Once it is forwarded to Belgium, it really takes a long time. So far, experiences shared in the forum are all from long-term visa applicants. I dont  know if DOFI has a different queue for short term applications. If not, you are in trouble. Because the other queue has a huge backlog.

Hi Team,

I applied for my wife's visitor visa for Belgium on 8th May, 2018 and current status on the website of vfs pune shows visa application has been forwarded to consulate general of belgium for processing. Does that mean it has been forwarded to belgium ministry?

Consulate general of Belgium is the consulate in Mumbai (or Delhi based on your location). Since it is already 2 weeks, I would suspect they decided to send to Belgium. You will see a more accurate status shortly (whatever is the case) in VFS tracking page.

Oh thats sad to hear. I don't understand the reason why they might be doing this.

Hello All,

I am planning to apply for my parents visa i.e. Visa C -for  FAMILY  or PRIVATE visit. Please correct me if I am missing something from … _visit.pdf

1. Applications
2. Financial proofs of my earnings: pay slips and bank statements.
3. Invitation letter with the photo copies of my ID card.
4. Insurance
5. Original of a guarantee letter ( 3bis )
6. Family composition from the commune.


A.  I heard from one of my source that 3bis document is given by the commune only when we are a permanent residents. Is it true ?

B. Do we have to give flight tickets or At least some quotes from the traveling agencies  with the names of the passengers?

C. In the a fore mentioned link, it is mentioned that ID card with unlimited duration. Does this means persons who are working here cannot invite their parents ?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

3 bis is only applicable when you are bearing the cost of their trip. If they show that the cost is on them, then 3 bis is not relevant. Yes, I hear some communes provide 3bis only to long term residence card holders.

For ticket, yes, a blocked ticket is enough. Confirmed tickets are not mandated.

I hear that the invitation letter can be legalized here. I am not sure about this.

It is not a must that you have a long term residence permit to invite your parents for a short visit.

Thanks for your prompt response Aneesh. Can the Invitation letter be legalized in the respective commune ?

I think so, Do give it  a try. If not, then do send the original signed one.

Any additional supporting document will make the case strong. Basically consulate wants to see (for a family visit):
1. Purpose of travel (your invitation letter with clear dates of visit, their passport details, etc)
2. Relationship with the host (the person who is inviting) - their names in your passport, 3bis if available.
3. Accommodation:  If host is providing accommodation then proof for that - rental contract (else, hotel booking)
4. Cost of the stay: (if they support themselves, then credit cards, travellers cheques, cash. If it is the host who supports, then 3bis, host's bank statements, salary slips, etc).
5. Residence details of the host: RP, composition de menage, passport copies.
6. Medical insurance (to be taken from an approved provider)
7. Most important - proof that the visitors will return to home country: Any documents that prove they have assets there, bank statements, property docs, if employed or pensioners then documents proving that, etc etc
8. Itinerary (blocked tickets)

Thanks a ton Aneesh.

Hi Aneesh,

My spouse visa has come for Belgium ministry approval on 20th July 2018.

Still I don't see the status in the dofi site. I am not sure whether I using correct tracking no or not.

I applied visa from Mumbai and my application no starts from MUM so while searching the status in dofi site I selected Mumbai as the reference center and gave the tracking number with MUM******. Is this the correct way of tracking or am I doing something wrong over here.

Kindly help as it has  already crossed 5th week after letter submission