Visa Under Processing

Tracking number will be only with numbers i think you are putting vfs number... The embassy would surely given you the other number to track on dofi website.. Also how do you know that your application is approved if you havent seen on dofi website..

Try without MUM prefix or wait for some more time. Sometimes it takes a month or more for the file to start showing status in DOFI website.

I tired both (with and with mum) but didn't work. It's already more than 1.5 month still it's not appearing on dofi site.

Yes I used the one which is given on the letter (stating that file will be sent to Belgium ministry for approval) but still I am unable to trace it.
Can we go to ministry and ask for an update on the status ? I am much worried now as Mumbai consulate is not responding properly and no updates in dofi site as well.. not sure how long I need to wait 😕😕

You can write to DOFI an email and ask for details. Contact info is mentioned in some posts in this thread.

And dont worry too much.. The file will be processed. Sometimes there can be a delay, but I have never heard a case of a file lost between consulate and DOFI.

Thanks a lot for the update 👍


I already had a student visa but for KUL I got it in 10 days. However I wanted to change to VUB and I got false information from both the embassy and the university that I have to re-apply so I did. However my file was sent to Brussels. The file has been sent since September 6th and the university started on the 25th and the deadline of enrollment has passed and I asked for an extension. Do you have any idea when to expect it? And if contacting them is helpful? The embassy/university are refusing to help me. And my medical certificate will expire next Friday. Will this be a problem if the decision was taken after next Thursday? Or is it okay since I already applied when it was valid.

I have applied for a Schengen Tourist visa through Belgium on 7th September 2018 from VFS Kolkata. On 10th September it has been dispatched to the Belgium embassy and on 8th October they have registered my application on their portal but since then it's showing as "in traitement" which means it is in process. Does anybody has any idea how long it generally takes? Since whenever I'm mailing them or calling them, they are not committing any specific date and giving the general timeline of two months. Foes anyone has the same experience? Could you please let me know, is there any chance of getting it done before 2 months since I want to travel by end of this month.
Thanks in advance.

Moumita, IIf it says your visa is under process then it can take any time, it may also mean the file is sent to Brussels.

I applied for belgium visa (family re union visa)  here in kenya under tls .I track my status its said my file was sent to Belgium authority .now its 5 weeks I haven't get any results from belgium authority ..would one advice me ?

It will take some time (nowadays upto 6 months in the cases where the file needs investigation and verification of documents).

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