Hi, we come from france, we are going to in october near to Umhlanga

We are in Umhlanga to find a flat or a house to rent, but it's very difficult.
We are looking for a flat or a house between Umhlanga and Ballito. 3 or 4 bedrooms, and the important point, we have two cats.
I'm sorry, I don't speak english very well. We contacted several agents but not many visits for now.
We are in Umhlanga until next Friday and I would like to leave in France to organize my move quietly. If you have any advice for us, I'd be happy.
See you soon

Hi marienoelle37,

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I invite you to post an advert in the appropriate section so as to boost your search > Properties for rent in South Africa.

Thank you


Thank you stephanie,
thank you for this information but there is no rent in the area we are looking for. I don't desepere;
See you soon

Please contact www.kkmproperty.com

Vous cherchez  uniquement a Umchlanga?

Nous pensons avoir trouvé à Ballito. J'ai juste une crainte sur le fait qu'il y ait juste une alarme. Il n'y a pas de cloture électrique. Pensez vous que cela soit un problème?
Merci pour votre réponse;

Hello there jackag and marienoelle37,

Please write only in english on this anglophone version of the South Africa forum so that members can understand you.

Best of luck, :)

I depends on the area you are. Baltonsborough has been quite fine. Is it in a complex?

It is not Baltonsborough, It is on Ballito Drive at  700 meters of the sea.
it's not in a complex,  It is a freestanding house and secured (alarm- arm responsed).
The garden is closed.

Thanks for your details.

Sorry  meant Balito. Are there a lot of houses around?  It should be fine. But as you know, any where in SA is not safe. Are you coming down to settle here.

Excuse me, but I don't speak very well English and I don't understand "Are you coming down to settle here."?
It is situed in a Big Road, "Ballito Drive".
Do you know Ballito and ballito Drive?

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As we can't chat in french on this blog, please email me ****

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Thank you  Kenjee

Wish you a safe life in South Africa!
Take care.....🙏

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thank you for all these informations.
We have found a house in salt rock.
Thank you very much.

Hi everybody,

As the initiator has already found a nice accommodation, we are therefore closing this topic :)



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