MVV BASISINBURGERING EXAM exam..looking for tips to pass

Hi my name is Heart.  I'm currently living here in Rotterdam but I'm going back to my country in Philippines to take the exam on October. At the moment I'm studying Dutch on my own. Is there anyone that can give me some tips how's the exam looks like? I know that the exam has  3parts, (KNS, TGN, GBL) but the speaking (TGN)  part is the most I'm worried about. I hope someone can give me some advice or if anyone already did the exam. Thanks.

Hi Heart, it's nice to see you here on this blog.I will also take the MVV exam this October.Good luck to us.
Since you are now in the Netherlands,you better buy Naar Nederland book as your reference for the incoming exam (as advised by a friend who already passed the exam).



The best advice?

Improve your speaking skills with the Dutch: neighbours,  family, friends or anyone you meet at the market, library,  stores, streets.

Hi there. My name is haini. i had passed for inburgering examen 2013. En now im living in holland for 1 year. The most difficult for me from one of them is tgn. I was so much worried as hell about tgn. But now im so regret that i was too much worried en panic before coz of that I get the low point Were not make me happy but least i had passed it all😊. So the conclusion 1. Dont too much worry 2. Trust me keep find on internet for audio TGN, or get book reference special for tgn en keep listening more en more while repeat it loudly. 3. When u ready to do tgn exam if u dont know how to answer the computer just say anything in dutch words never not giving it no answer. Even u give the wrong answer in dutch words u will get score. En if ure tgn score 36 - more than 36 so when u come to holland to do next inburgering u wil get free not to do tgn part exam again. But for kns en gbl so easy but still u have to learn to get great score. Success for u...



Hello :) I had my exam on 17 June 2015 and would like to share my experience. First of all, one needs to finish studying the NaarNederland CD, which is the official and cheapest way of learning Dutch. KNS is the easiest section and all from the CD; Reading is also easy;Speaking however is a bit worrying for all of us I understand. There is no standard frame how to give your answers, however, a short and simple answer is advised to avoid making extra mistakes. One thing you could be happy about is the faces appearing in the Speaking section are those who are in the NaarNederland CD, at least you feel familiar. One of the official at the Embassy was really kind enough to help me to translate one question because I did not understand. I was so worried about the Speaking part because I confirmed I've made grammar mistakes and given wrong answer. Hence, I would advise you to give simple answers instead of constructing sentences if you are not too sure about the grammar. Dutch grammar is so tricky! The result will be sent to you and your partner's email, so you don't need to visit the Embassy for the result. Mine was out in 2 weeks time, which was pretty fast. I got KNS (10), Reading (9) and Speaking (7). As long as you finish the NaarNederland CD and learn some basic terms, there is no need to be nervous for the Speaking part. Good luck!

Hello Sisters, I am currently studying dutch by my own using the  NaarNederland cds and books. I would like to know how many questions were there in Speaking Part? I have been also practicing the speaking exam practice in naarnederland website I'm curios if any of those practice exam questions will also be given in the actual exam. Thank you sisters.

Only a few questions from the NaarNederland CD will appear on the exam. Around 30 questions in the Speaking part, different questioning styles.

Thank you sis :) Im now in Nederland , which part of Holland are you living?

Hi Heart,

My girlfriend Jenielyn did her exam in june. She passed.

Theres a couple of sites you can get information:
If you scroll down on this page you can do a sample exam on kns, speaking and listening.
These exams look exactly like the real ones. You might even get one or two of the same questions on the exam.

You can also visit the facebook group mvv-inburgerings examen. (Look carefull in this group it will provide all you need).

And a good site is the site of Adappel
You can download many pdfs there to help you with the reading part of the exam.

Feel free to contact me if  you need more information


Hi Heart,

I have in a sealed envelope the Naar Nederland books & DVD's for sale. As some of the others have mentioned, it is very important to watch these dvd's & read. If you are interested, please send me an email: xxx

Kind regards and best wishes with your Inburgeringscursus.

Judy Allard

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Hi Heart,

Madali lang ung exam. as in so easy. parang tell me about yourself ng grade school. And mostly normal conversation being used everyday. I suggest you read the books more often. Used as well noun verbs pronouns etc.

When is your exam?

I only studied for 1 month alone, just reading books and composing example  sentences,  and I've got a perfect score. You should just need to be familiar with the vocabulary. It's so easy.


may iknow what book did u use to learn dutch?

Naar Nederland

Hi, is your book still on sale? how much?


Hi I have read your post, I am also considering of taking the dutch exam however wont it be possible to take in in the Netherlands?

Hi Kaye,

The first exam only can be done in your own country. I have the NaarNederland set for sale! I bought in March 2015.

Hi sis! When ka magtake ng exam?

Welcome on board  :cheers:

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Hi judy is your naar nederlands kit is still available im interested.thank you

Hi se7enyg is your naar nederlands kit is still available?im interested.thank you please send me message

Hi angel

I'm selling my naar Nederland book kit.. But it will be available in January. U might be interested. Pm me..


Hello everyone,

If you have books or book kits to sell/buy, please drop an advert in the proper section of the website here : Buy, sell, exchange books in the Netherlands

I invite you to react only on the topic of the thread : tips to pass the exams.

Thank you,


I would like to ask if do I need to take Inburgering Exam when I am applying for MVV?

Hi Angel1912,

Yes, my Naar Nederland book is available immediately for sale in a sealed envelope. I have also advertised in the Classified section, have a look.

kind regards,


Hi louvina..

Yes you need to take inburgeringexam before you can apply for Mvv, that's the first requirements.


Can u answer with one word in the speaking part?

You mean just yes or no or maybe uhm? :blink:

What do you think? If you do this on a speaking exam, I can assure you that you will not pass.

And I just ask myself why even bother to answer.

But on the other hand, I reached the 4000 post by answering your question  :D

Hi Heart,

I have a sealed copy of Naar Nederland for sale. Let me know if you would like to purchase it. It costs €50,00 excluding postage cost.


Judy Allard

No,not a yes or a no.
For example:
Wat heb u vandaag gegeten?

Answer: brood

Is that enough?

Or i have to say:

Ik heb een brood gegeten.

Well that sounds better.

To answer the example question, you're better off to say :  Ik heb vandaag brood gegeten.

You show them that you understand the question and how to answer. Always refer back to the question.

Is this clear enough?

Good luck  :top:

P.s. if you say "een brood ", it means you ate a whole leave of bread.  You must be very hungry  :dumbom:

I'd have probably said "ik heb vandaag 'n brodje kaas gegeten"; brood by itself is boring. :)

Mrs C will probably be along later to tell me I got it wrong ......... :)

@Judy could you please post in the classifieds section ?


Cynic :

I'd have probably said "ik heb vandaag 'n brodje kaas gegeten"; brood by itself is boring. :)

Mrs C will probably be along later to tell me I got it wrong ......... :)

You are probably right, depends on what kind of bread you had and what was on it.
Or how creative you are to do with bread.
But that's a whole different story  ;)

Hi leslie,

In speaking part better if you can say 2-3 words. And you pronounce it very clear.

Hi judy,

Thanks for the offer but i already have the book and already took the exam last October.


Hi Julie,

Sure, will do.



Hi everyone,
I also want to take the exam as soon as I arrive in Indonesia. Any of you have suggestions when do I have to make an appointment for the exam? And how long it usually take from make an appointment to the D-day of exam? Thanks.


Hi Ika,

I just paid for my exam fees to DUO on Monday. I have not heard back from them yet. I called the Dutch embassy and they say that it will take some time till I get a confirmation from DUO - I suppose that takes about a week. They don't conduct exams every day, only once a week!! And the next available slot is in July, about 2 months from now.

I wish I had paid DUO months ago and can take my time to confirm the exam date! Now the process is all delayed...

It takes about 2 months to complete the Naar Nederlands course (I was already at A1 level before I started, so I skipped lessons 4-19), so I suggest you pay for the exam first, wait for DUO's confirmation, then call the embassy in your country of origin to book for an exam date 2 months from now. You'll be ready for it by then, instead of having to wait in anticipation (and probably forget the answers to the KNS exam) if you were in my situation.

All the best!

Hi, thanks for the response. I almost finish my naar nederland lesson. Only 5 lessons left. And I think I'll take preparation class in my country before I do the exam. That's why I ask how long the process takes, from the registration to the exam time, so I still remember well about the lessons. Good luck for us!

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