MVV BASISINBURGERING EXAM exam..looking for tips to pass

HI David,I’m Mugi from Indonesia.I do totally confuse about the exam,may I have your contact number please because I’ll be back to Indo in the end of the month, I have no much time and I just wanna get as much as information before I leave.Feel free please informasi can be sent to *** thanks


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I attended a 4 weeks 3 hrs everyday dutch course in cebu Philippines.  I found it helpful and practical than self study.  The cost is affordable. The teacher is dutch and friendly. .

The course took 45-60 hrs.  I passed the exam in manila in 1 take.

Just saying  :heart:


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Please write in English so all can understand.

I attend KNS & READING exam recently.  Next I will apply for speaking exam. I given my exam in India. When  I get my results?

After how many days I will get mvv exam results?

I think in the world Nederland only conducting integration exam in spouse cases! Or any country in the world same like Nederland?

Speaking part for Question and answer, do I need to answer in sentence? or just a word will be enough?

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering though, how many hours is the exam, considering you will take all three?


Hi All,

I'm Bianca, I've plan to move in Netherlands this year, I learned about Dutch around 3 months, and I'd do exam at the end of February or the beginning of March, I just want to know the registration, how many days I've to wait for the date for the exam or when I've done with the registration a week later I get the date?.


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