Working in the Netherlands as a digital nomad

the Netherlands
Updated 2022-08-20 19:46

Although it was once an alternative, uncommon lifestyle, digital nomadism is quickly becoming the norm, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. In 2022, there are already 35 million digital nomads in the world, and this number is projected to grow to over 1 billion by 2035. So here's what you need to know if you're planning to move to the Netherlands as a digital nomad.

What draws people to this lifestyle is the ability to combine work and travel. And for many, the Netherlands is attractive because it ranks eighth on the list of countries with the fastest internet speeds, and in Europe, it ranks first. If this interests you, then read on to find out how to become a digital nomad in the Netherlands.

Conditions for traveling to the Netherlands

If you're from a country that's part of the Schengen Zone, then you won't need to apply for anything prior to traveling to the Netherlands. All you have to do is bring your National Identity Card (NIC).

Otherwise, you'll need to apply for a Schengen visa to travel to and live in the Netherlands. This allows you to stay for up to 90 days every six months. Some countries are exempt from this requirement, so be sure to check this list of exemptions before you apply for a visa.

Opportunities for digital nomads in the Netherlands

Considering the Netherlands has excellent internet speeds and reliability, you shouldn't find it difficult to set up shop anywhere you wish to work.

While the cost of living in the Netherlands is a bit higher than in other European countries, this is where you'd shine as a digital nomad. You're free to set your own rates and take clients from all over the world. You're not constrained by the minimum wages set by this country.

Many Dutch companies are looking for English copy on their websites, and as a native speaker, you have a leg up on a lot of your competition. You can easily find freelance copywriting jobs for Dutch businesses, especially the smaller ones.

IT is also a huge industry here, which means IT jobs shouldn't be hard to find either. If you don't like the restrictions of a regular 9-to-5 job, then you'll benefit from working a freelance IT job instead.

Coworking spaces in the Netherlands

You can always feel free to gather with other digital nomads in cafes and koffiehuizen (coffee houses). You can even enjoy a cold beer in a brown cafe or a marijuana joint in a “coffee shop” (a shop that sells marijuana products) while you work on your laptop.

But if you want to utilize actual coworking spaces, here are a few suggestions:





Benefits of being a digital nomad in the Netherlands

If you enjoy traveling, then you'll be located in a fantastic place. Although the Netherlands is a small country, it has much to offer within its borders. Even if you stay for a short period, you'll never run out of sites to visit in the Netherlands.

You're also located just a short distance away from France, Germany, and Belgium. So if at any time you wish to experience a different country, you're just a short flight, train ride, or car ride away.

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