Job in NL for Filipino

Hi, I'm currently in the Philippines. I'm planning to go to the Netherlands to be with my boyfriend. It's difficult for him to sponsor me so I'm trying to look for a job. Can anybody suggest something?

Hello kifaii,

I would suggest that you go through the articles in this section of our guide, Work in the Netherlands to learn about the job market, its specificities as well as the sectors hiring the most which will help you move along with your job search.You will find plenty of useful links as well of job sites in the Netherlands

You should also create your CV in the Jobs in Netherlands section for potential employers to view.

In which field(s) are you looking for a job?

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Which field are you looking for your job?

Thanks for the replies. I am a graduate of BA English and have a teaching license. I've also been teaching English for a few years now. I also have a Caregiving certificate and an experience as a caregiver. I'd prefer jobs related to this but if I can't, I'm willing to take anything (unless it's illegal or harmful for me).

Maybe you can do a further study in the English language with your qualifications alone you probably won't get a job in The Netherlands.
I'm sorry but noone is going to hire a English teacher who doesn't speak Dutch.