Business in casablnaca

Dear all, i intend to buy any small profitable running business/coffee or  ice cream shop business in Casablanca. can u guide me in finding/establishing of such business pl.

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Hi Namee,

I will invite you to please post an advert in the Business for sale in Casablanca section :)

This might be helpful :)

Thank you


Hi dear,
Thanks for the advice.

Hi Namee,

Are you already established in Morocco?

We can further exchange about it by email if you want to as I deal with business set up.



Hi Hasnai,
(By name u look Muslim... Assalam o alaikum dear)
Thanks for the reply. I did not establish in Morroco so far but intend to do any suitable profitable small busines in Casablanca. Pl let me guide via email tabassumgt[at]hot or send me ur email ID to discuss on the issue. Thanks. Allah Hafiz.

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