How to do MOFA attestation without SAUDI CULTURE?

I need to attest my diploma (3 years) from MOFA. I came to know that MOFA is not attesting any educational document without SAUDI CULTURAL attestation, while in my home country (Pakistan) SAUDI CULTURAL denied to attest my diploma saying that they are attesting only bachelor degree or higher.

Can any body tell me solution that how can I attest my Diploma from MOFA in JEDDAH. 
(don't have SAUDI CULTURAL stamp on it. which is not possible legally) or any other way to complete documents for applying family Visa.

There is one way, does Saudi Embassy stamp in any way before cultural ? If yes, then just bring that to Mofa and depending on the mood of the employee it might work.

Good luck buddy

Thanks friend.
It is attested from Saudi Embassy. This mood of employee will cost me allot :nothappy:  But i think there is no other way just to try.

For DAE (3 Years) no need of attestation from Saudi culture. Saudi Culture attestation needed only for bachelor or higher degrees. Just get your diploma attested from IBCC first then go to MOFA they will verify it surely. After MOFA find any agent or directly visit Saudi Embassy for attestation.

Good Luck

Salam mr. Anjum . 
Already attested from saudi embassy. Now i nee to attest from MOFA in saudi arabia to extract visa.
MOFA in saudi arabia may ask for cultural attestation :|

I dnt think so. If already attested from saudi embassy there is no question about saudi culture attestation now. Coz if Saudi Culture attestation required for your degree attestation from Embassy, the Saudi Embassy will never attest it. They will send back to you culture office to get it attested first then come to embassy but if they have already attested then no worries.
As per my experience.

Hello Ch. Imran,

Can you share your experience to attest the diploma from Saudi Embassy, i also needs to attest mine .


Attestation from embessy was done by agent in pakistan.. (Any public service agent)
My problem was MOFA in KSA without SAUDI CULTURE from pak

It is done .. I just personally visit MOFA Jeddah and had it done without any problem.

After MOFA from jeddah KSA visa issued with no objection

Thanks and can u pls confirm that u submitted the offer letter /contract from employer alongwith diploma to attest....? or u got it without those documents.

They didnt ask anything. Just diploma origional.
I dont know what is actuall procedure and required documents. I had all documents in case anything they will ask.. But they disnt ask anything.

Great.  I am already in lahore and during my stay I want to attest my diploma.  I will appreciate if you can share agent contact details.  .  Thx

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Sorry dear.. I dont know any agent in lahore.. You should search for any PUBLIC SERVICES AGENT in your area .. They will do it all . more comfortable for you if u got in your area..

Best of luck...

If you are still available,  Kindly reply me, i am suffering same problem as well.

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