Bahrain on arrival visa for Saudi iqama

I am an engineer working in Jeddah.
I have to attend a conference in Bahrain.
I have valid Iqama.

Can I get 1 week on arrival visa at Bahrain airport???

My nationality is Pakistan.

you cannot get visa on arrival from airport . apply e-visa from the website.

[at]rehankahn32: Don't respond if you don't know the practicalities of the Bahrain visa system.  Evisa is needed if you are on a visit visa in Saudi but is NOT needed for Iqama holders.

With an engineer profession on a valid Iqama, you can get an on-arrival visa in Bahrain whether at airport or at the causeway.   And I already responded to you on your other post - don't create multiple posts.

i am answering by my experience bro my brother has engineer profession on iqama he purchased the tickets to Bahrain but at jeddah airport gulf airline did not allow to board the flight.

later we took e-visa and traveled.

That experience is an exception not the norm.  I don't know why Gulf air did that.  Maybe it was a temporary block on your nationality - it happens sometimes.

Forget engineer profession.  My driver has driver profession and he travels across the causeway three times a week and always gets visa on arrival in Bahrain - last time was on Sunday when he came to pick me in Bahrain and bring me to Riyadh.  My colleagues whose families lives in Bahrain go there every week by air and their professions are much lower than engineer; no issues either.

i agree through causeway any one holding valid iqama can travel irrespective to their profession but as far as through airport we have to check the airline before purchasing a ticket .

Visa on arrival is the same process irrespective of causeway or flight. As I said, my colleagues have been flying every weekend for the last 2 years and haven't had any problems so far :)

I have done the same many times - visa on arrival on Dubai residency and on Saudi Iqama both; flying from Jeddah, Riyadh, UAE etc to Bahrain on Emirates, Saudia and Gulf air.

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