replacing driving license with the new iqama

hello expat group, can someone help me or guide me on how to get new driving license with the new iqama? i have my old saudi license not yet expired but linked in the old iqama.

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IF your new iqama card has been issued to you. First thing to do is to go to Absher/MOI kiosk and do some finger printing, and then register your details in MOI website.

Then go to the nearest driving school and follow the process:

Preparing the requirements and Fill-up the application forms:
Required documents are:
1.    Old Driving License card & photo copy
2.    Iqama & photocopy
3.    2 pcs passport size picture
4.    Company letter or employment certificate (optional only but better if you have it)
5.    Renewal form (Arabic form). Fill-up the application form which is available in Dallah or in MOI website.

Present the requirements, do the medical test and pay the fee.
1- Go to Dallah driving school and show your old driving ID and the rest of your documents to the reception to verify if your documents are complete.
2- Going for Eye Test (or Medical Test), you may proceed to any Clinic accredited by Efada, there are clinics outside Dallah but if you wish to do the eye test in your area before going there you can found the list of accredited hospitals/Clinic in MOI website ( After completion of Medical Test, the result will be automatically link to the MOI system and after 5 minutes you will received the text message from Efada that your medical result is uploaded to the Absher or MOI system, you can now go back to the Dallah office and wait for your application approval.
3- After checking of your documents and completing the medical test and received approval, you can now proceed to releasing office, but before you to releasing office make sure you have made the payment for Driving License on ATM or thru Saddad.

Below is the payment details:
1.    2 years = 80SR
2.    5 years = 200SR
3.    10 years = 400SR

Releasing Office
1- After payment, proceed in releasing office. Show your documents, they will collect your old ID and application documents and wait for your call.
2- Within 30 minutes your new driver license ID will be issued to you.

Hi RedTrumpet, thanks for your message and for the clear guidelines you have sent.

Do u have any information if Dallah is closed or opened nowadays? as you know Pandemic issues in the kingdom closes most of the services and governmental related institution.

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