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Hello eveyone!

New to this forum, so I hope the subject I want to talk about wasn't post yet!

I will very soon move to Mauritius for work and as a game/app developper I am very found of gaming and specially online gaming.

I don't want to open a new topic about the ping and the internet connection in Mauritius, I had plenty of info about that.

I'd like to ask if there are gamers here playing games like DOTA2, LOL, HOTS, WOW, CS or any other online game and tell me if, they have  experienced any lag, ping issues, connection lost during game. Is it possible to play some quality, lag wise, online game in Mauritius?

Plz specify from which city you play, what game you've played and the server location, and let me know  about your overall gaming experience with the Mauritius' connection potential.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Same for me, so up ! :)


It will be short, it does not matter the speed of your connection, ping is awful (450ms for Europe and West US coast)... Maurice is a bad location for online gaming :) except if there are servers in South Africa but it will remain bad. I did not check for Singapour.

For some games, there are serveur in the Reunion island so it is playable on these servers.


Thanks a lot for ur answer jdbk !

Bad news for us.. ^^

what can we do about this? I an getting 130ms ping on overwatch america server and it is very annoying. since it is so fast paced and action packed, When my good reaction time gets bottle necked by the ping , I just feel frustrated.

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