Receive mobile phone with DHL

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I would like to ask does anyone have experience receive mobile phone with DHL from online store? I mean how is the process and where did you receive the item? And how about tax?

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I believe the duty is very high at the customs in need to declare the exact value of the item especially may just end up paying more on duty than the actual value of the phone...

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Thats not true,  no duty on mobile  phone only vat applicable.

Only 15% VAT applicable on mobile phones...

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Chiming in...

I always buy mobile phones, TVs, Rukus, Home theatres etc online because and get it much cheaper than they are. I've used USPS and it reached ok - went to pick it up at the parcel office at Port Louis, but make sure you have the actual PayPal (or whichever method you used to pay) hand.

However with DHL it is easier, they will simply give you a call before the item reaches and tell you how much it will cost for all taxes which is 15% of the cost + shipping. When they deliver, you pay them and that's it.

I would recommend caution when importing telecommunication equipment. At the end of last year, I purchased a home router (google onhub)in the USA and arranged for it to be delivered by DHL. Sadly it got stuck in customs due to the lack of an authorisation by the competent authorities (ICTA). After some months of frustrating and slow exchange with the said authority (asking for technical details and certificates I was unable to supply, not being the manufacturing company) I gave up and had to pay DHL for temporary storage in airport and shipment to another country. So my recommendation is to make sure any equipment you try to import is already authorised in Mauritius.

True. Happened to me too when importing a VoIP phone, but wrote to ICTA with a link to the technical specifications. After two weeks they wrote back an email with no objection. That's when I ordered and went to pick it up with a printout of the email.

Phones should be OK if its one. Other computer equipment may be questioned especially if it's more than two units.

Hi boss,

Its mean I can import a mobile in mauritius through online website like as Ali express, ebay for personal use!!! Please advise!!

I have quite a bit of experience with Internet shopping and especially with Ali express. I have to tell you that I have had no problems at all with Ali express, so don't worry about Ali express. All the best.

Hi dear,
Did you pay any custom!!

Hvac0627 :

Hi boss,

Its mean I can import a mobile in mauritius through online website like as Ali express, ebay for personal use!!! Please advise!!

Yes, you can order a mobile for personal use via Ebay or Ali Express. Just make sure that you have a proper invoice and proof of payment (like paypal) for customs purposes. There will be 15% vat to pay

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