The best apps for expats in Mauritius


We invite you to share information regarding some of the apps that have helped to facilitate your move abroad in Mauritius. This will help expats-to-be who are making the move as well.

Which apps did you use while preparing your move to Mauritius?

What apps do you use the most for your everyday life in Mauritius: whether it's for transport, managing finances, general information, learning the language of your host country, leisure activities, etc.?

How does this technology help you in your everyday life as an expat?

Which apps would you recommend to expatriates in Mauritius and why?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Greetings all,

Some of the app that I'm using:

.Google Map is pretty neat when it comes to navigation
. Mo Ti News for news basically but most of the news are in French
. Running distance tracker for my evening runs. Please note that some of my friends have some issues using this app on Huawei phones
. And of course 4 PIcs 1 word to pass the time when you are in a queue

Would be great if someone was to come up with an App that highlights the night life scene in Mauritius, what, where and when sort of thing

Kevin is the best app for buying your groceries, organic food, wines and electronics online. They deliver to your doorstep and their service is reliable. Delivery free

Well, when you're in Mauritius, lots of apps can be useful to make your life more comfortable. You will open  a bank account for sure. I have JuiceMcb which helps me know how much money I still have in bank to manage my expenses as well as pay my utilities or top up my cellphone for any value Rs50, Rs100 or Rs300. You might think of doing some DIY. Then gives you a list of stores to buy stuff. Or you're looking for a used vehicle, then go for megamotors or morismotors or my You would want to be ahead of others about what's happening in the country, try or you would want to enjoy local tunes. I then suggest RadioBox that gives you dozens of local channels. You're tired and would need some vacation, why not go on for great hotel deals. I love great food and my best local food app is Tripod or Mauritius meteo is a reliable app for weather forecast. You have apps that get you money back or points at major stores like Intermart or JumboSpar. If you love the true God, not fake ones and want to draw closer to him so that he draws closer to you and gives you a shower of blessings, try the JW app. A lot to discover in this one. Hope this article helps. Let me know.

Waze app is great for traveling for directions

Waze and to a lesser extent, Google Maps
Juice by mcb is good
Whatsapp (which people use a lot)
Savegenie is a bit overpriced but convenient
Spotify for good music anywhere we are

Is Spotify working for you? I had to got for Apple Music last year, as Spotify wasn't available on the island

Spotify works great for me

thanks for the update !

Have you registered your account from Mauritius or before settling down here? (just asking)

TaxiService - it's a basic version of Uber but it works (at least for me) and as an expat, you can just use it to look up prices (those are quite fair for Mauritius standards) for your journey and make sure that a taxi driver does not give you a higher rate in an attempt to rip you off.

Alalila - it's an app for taxi service run by logidis. It's a pre-order service and the price is fair. The service is good. I use it for airport drop off and pickup they usually on time.
Marideal - mostly good deals for residence.

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