Hi all,

I'm looking to install broadband (without TV bundle) at home, just for standard usage (browsing, emails, downloading) my budget is =<1000Rs.

I have heard of MyT does anyone in the community use their broadband service?

Welcome any other recommended suppliers.


We have a 10 mb/s line uncapped from MyT for MUR 1039 per month

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply above, can I ask how is the speed generally?  I've seen some other posts stipulating its slow...

For example can you watch Youtube videos...


Hi Black River,

You can watch Youtube videos without lagging with a mere 1 mb/s connection.

With 10 mb/s, you can stream videos/movies without any problem provided there are no background processes and/or downloads eating up your bandwidth.

Hi Backriver,

It's fast, i have no problem with YouTube and Netflix. I've also read about the internet being slow but i get the feeling that's only old ADSL connections.



Thanks Paul and Winston...!

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