Visa on Arrival Process for New born baby....Saudi Arabia

This is the latest information to bring your new born baby to KSA.
My son is 5 month old & last Friday he entered in Saudi Arabia by visa on Arrival Process. ( JET AIRWAYS)
VISA ON ARRIVAL: You should have your child passport & it seems that his age limit should be less than 6 months. You have to buy an infant ticket for your child and original passport of child is required. At India during immigration you have to tell them new born baby only. They will check your child passport & stamp immigration departure stamp on the passport.
When you arrived at KSA Airport, you have tell them new born baby once again. They will stamp entry stamp & write border entry no on your child passport.

That’s ALL.


[at]ALTAF SHEIKH- thank you for you valuable information as i have plan to bring my new born baby ( 5 months old) on July.

Dear ALTAF ,

Thank you for your valuable information, I am planning to bring my wife and baby on thin month end. I have passport for baby and polio immunization certificate. My wife is already having visa but baby doesn't have  visa.
Can i bring baby to Saudi by only passport? Is there any fee to pay for visa  in KSA immigration during entry?


Jaison R

Dear Jason,

As I stated earlier that new born baby is allowed to travel within age limit less than 6 months.
There will no any visa feed need to pay during KSA immigration but once your baby arrived to KSA, For making iqama of your baby, you have to deposit 2000 SAR under your iqama.

Dear ALTAF ,

Thank you so much for this information..... My family is coming on 17th of this month, then i will share my experience.

"Dear ALTAF ,

Thank you so much for this information..... My family is coming on 17th of this month, then i will share my experience."


Can you share your experience.  Because i want to bring my family next month. If there is no headache for Visa Stamping in home country its good.

Waiting for your reponse

Hi guys,

My family reached KSA on 17th of this month.. Its confirmed that visa is  not required for baby( less than 6 months).
When you arrive at Saudi airport, the immigration officer will ask you to go jawasad center inside the airport. U have to go there and need to show baby's passport and in jawasad center they will register visa for baby. After this you need to go  immigration counter again to complete the process. Immigration officer will take the baby's passport and write some numbers on it. Thats it friends.
I heard some good officers take baby's passport and they only go to jawasad center and complete the procedure.
In my case, I came from dammam airport, they asked me to go jawasad center(inside airport only).
Once u get arrival stamp and some numbers on baby's passport after immigration, u can apply for baby's Iqama in KSA by paying SAR.2000 under your iqama.
This is the best and easy system by KSA to bring new born baby.
Good luck...

[at]Avsheikh [at]Jaison
Is it confirmed that they will give Visa on Arrival only if the baby is 6 months ( or less) old. My Wife holds a Valid Iqama and baby was born in india , They plan to come to KSA in August, that time my baby will by 8th Months old. Will he not get Visa on Arrival.. Do you have any confirmed information about it. If this rule of 6 Month is true, is this limit set by Indian Immigration or Saudi, And do Indian Immigration officials check the DOB of the Child to confirm child's age.

What is the alternative if they don't allow baby more than 6 Months old.




Thank for sharing your experience wrt to entry and confirming upto 6 months child can get on entry visa (only passport is the requirement), can you please explain the iqama formality also. What all documents you have to provide etc.

Dear Mr. Jaison,

Thank you so much for your all information.

I from Kerala located in Trivandrum city, I would like to know from where I can get polio immunization certificate. My baby is born on 29 January 2015 and I want to bring them to Saudi Arabia by next month before 29 July 2015.

Also I would like to know that we need to do attestation for polio immunization certificate and birth certificate from Saudi Embassy in India?

if you have a copy of polio immunization certificate, for a sample can you please provide to my email at sanjeev[at]

thank you in advance for your support in this subject.

Iqama Process for new born baby after arrival in ksa :
1. First you have to get  Insurance Card for your child which is mandatory.
2. Medical of child (medical for Iqama) at hospital where you will get medical certificate.
2. At the same time you have to make vaccination card for your child. You have to show old vaccination card which you have brought from India & Here doctor will make new vaccination card for your child.
3. Iqama Copy of parents, Original passport & copy of your Child.
4. You have to fill the iqama form-you will get it from any office opposite to Jawazat, They will charge you 10 or 20 SAR to fill it.
5. Deposit SAR 2000 under your Iqama as dependant entry visa fees collection.
6.  Take Jawajat appointment it is now online, you will get it from any office opposite to Jawazat, they will charge you 10 or 20 SAR & give you online appointment hard copy.
6. Once you got appointment go to Jawazat with all above documents, wait for your call, submit the iqama form-one child photo need to paste on form,  original medical certificate, parents iqama copy, child passport copy, child original Passport, insurance card copy.
7. You will get Iqama Card on the spot.

Dear Mr. Avsheikh,

Thank you so much for your helpful information.

dear Avsheikh
thanks for the information regarding iqama procedure, i will be applying for iqama this week. will update my experience also. I bought my 3 month old baby to saudi on 7th of june,

1. at immigration india (cochin) they asked original passport of baby and birth certificate. also checked exit reentry of father and mother
2. on arriving at saudi, since it was new born baby we didnt have to stand in the long line. one gentleman helped us and took straight to the counter and asked mother and baby to go inside and be comfortable. I took all the three passports and went to the counter. At counter they just asked for my iqama number and  wrote  two numbers on baby passport. At the counter i just stated it is for iqama and not for any visit visa, ( i heard from many saying they some time put wrong info in the system).

till now the expereince was very smooth and hassle free hope  same for iqama also.
hope this info will be helpful for some.

Hi Altaf,

Thanks for sharing information.

Could please tell, Is there any other documents required other than Passport during this process, while at India Immigration and Saudi Immigration.

Thanks in Advance


No.  you should have only child passport and infant ticket with u. If req at ksa immigration they will ask u your iqama no.

hi ,
my wife is planning to take our kid to saudi on on arrival visa , is it possible to take baby along with her if she only have iqama ? i am not working in saudi right now but i have selected for one company and my visa is under processing and i am also moving to saudi by this month end , my wife is moving on july 11th so is it possible to take baby along with her when she only have the iqama ?


My Wife and one Kid recently got Permanent Visa and first time they are travelling to Saudi. I have one more kid (2 Month Old) he doesn't have any visa. Is it possible to travel without visa or do i need to apply visa for my new born baby also?

Dear brother,

I would like bring my new born baby in on arrival visa, after completion process in India airport and Saudi Airport.
I had baby passport, Polio Immunization Certificate, my question is baby birth certificate must attested in india????

Please reply as soon as possible.


Not required.

Dear Avsheikh,
I red your information "Iqama Process for new born baby after arrival in ksa ". you said first we need to take insurance.  My friend went to take the insurance but the insurance company said boarder number of baby is not linked with iqama.   so he can not get the insurance. But my company took the insurance for my baby and i went to passport office and they said that the insurance is not in their system. Is it required to link father iqama to the boarder number? if so  you know how to do that? we are contacting every one, but no positive reply. All other documents are ready, but insurance is the problem. Is it required to take online appointment?
If you have any information please share with me.


If u have got insurance card of yr child then it is ok. You have to show at jawazat if they are asking.  Border entry no is req which is already available on yr child passport when u are making insurance card.

Dear Avsheikh,


I am Saleem from Dammam, I wanna know what is the procedure to bring new born baby (in India) to Saudi Arabia.

Do I have to get attestation on baby birth certificate from Saudi Embassy in India.

Your Soonest reply will be appreciated.


No attestation req. For details procedure refer my previous post.

Thanks .... but my question if we got the insurance card , the passport office system will show it ?they didn't ask me. just rejected saying need medical insurance.

Show them insurace card. All your dependent insurance card is linked with yr iqama.


Can you please confirm whether i need any saudi consulate stamp on Passport/ Vaccination Certificate.

Vaccination certificate should be done from particular hospital or not.
My wife has two Passports recently she changed the address the Indian Passport authority has issued her new passport also she has the Old passport with her.

UNless is there any other formalities to complete.

Please guide me..

To bring new born baby to ksa refer my previous post. There is no any attestation req to bring new born baby.

I brought my wife and two kids.younger one, visa on arrival ,every procedures we completed.took insurance and all but wen I went to passport office ,they told it is not showing online.we have card in our hand but not updated online and only a week is left to complete the 3 months stay in ksa. Little bit worried,what should I do

take the help of your company from where you have got the insurance card.

you are the sponsor of your all dependents so I think all insurance card are under your iqama.

Jomon, I have the same problem with my baby. Yesterday i went to Insurance company and there was an Indian guy, who told me the CCHI has implemented new system which has some problem with the boarder number. He told me it would be resolved this week. Better contact your insurance company.

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How to know the iqama number with entry no can anyone help

Go to MOI site & log in it by using your userid & password.

  you will get the details for border order no by clicking :

Iqama Issuance

I don't find the border number under iqama renewal. Do we need to do any additional process in passport office?

Hi Avsheikh
We went there told it's not showing insurance,we called customer service they told they need iqama number can be known by entry number. But we tried don't know how to get it... If you can help I will be very thankful, iqama of baby is needed.. But his name is not attached then how we can get it

Only 5 days remaining..

Go to MOI site & log in it by using your userid & password.

  you will get the details for border order no by clicking :

E-services & then

Iqama Issuance.

Don't click on Iqama Renewal.

Hi All
Finally i got my baby's iqama. If anyone of you face any difficulty to get iqama due to insurance , please contact the insurance company and ask them to do it . You can check the insurance in the website , E service, where u can find it. if insurance shows on boarder number its done. Go directly to passport office and get the iqama.
The insurance company is the real cause of delay.

Thanks... to all supported me...

Dear shijooj ,
Once we login to the CCHI Website, Do we need to create an account, What next, What can you track from this website ?  Can you provide more specific details.

Thanks. … fault.aspx

What is the ID number one has to enter , I entered Iqama No, it shows no Issuance exits . But I do have a  Medical Insurance card active , I wanted to check the status of my son's medical card.


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