Saudi Work Visa for Diabetic


I have been offered job in Saudia. I am going to get my medical test next week. I am diabetic and taking medicine. Being diabetic can create problem in medical? I don't have any complications yet. Glucose levels are higher than normal values but within well controlled limit.

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If your doctor states that you are "fit for work" it shouldn't be a problem.  I am diabetic too and it didn't affect my getting a work permit.  In addition, 25 percent of Saudi nationals are diabetic apparently.

Thanks. I was being worried as I don't want to lose this opportunity.

Btw pitch did you get work permit recently?

Yes, towards the end of 2014.  Good luck!


I have checked with GAMCA,Pakistan. According to them, being diabetic makes me unfit for work permit in Saudi. Really disappointed. Did not want to lose this opportunity.

I'm not sure about the situation in Pakistan, but maybe you should still go through with your application because as I said, something like 25 percent of all Saudis are diabetic.  Good luck and I wish you the best!

I ll speak to my company agent on monday and see what they say.

I have yet to undergo my new Saudi Arabian employer's medical and as a type 1 diabetic, I have concerns. I shall update this blog once my medical is complete.

I am a Type 1 Diabetic and in the past, this has proved disastrous when seeking work in some parts of the world and in the UK equally. Most of the 'concerns' expressed by companies are as outdated as the attitudes of management are draconian. In my experience, problems relate to company policies rather than any local government restrictions. It is interesting to note that on many occasions, my employment was questioned by others who would be better off regulating their own health and 'behaviours'. There is a high degree of hypocrisy.

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Hi mszafar
any update on this? Did being diabetic affect your Saudi work visa application from pakistan? Pls let us know

Hi Alyan,

I received Saudi visa and than iqama without any one asked about diabetis.

Thanks mszafar.

I have been selected in a construction company as a Civil Engineer in Mecca, done my medical in Gamca Mumbai, doctor asked me to come for Fasting Blood Test as my sugar level is high. I am doing diet control and exercise daily, now it's getting reduced and Insha Allah I will bring it to normal in few days. Next week I will go for fasting blood test. I am bit worried as Uncontrolled. Diabetic are banned in GCC ,

My FBS is 104 and PP is 165 , is it uncontrolled diabetes

How about color blindness?


I would like to ask regarding Saudi Arabia working visa. Does the mild color blind and recovered hernia affecting the visa approval?

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