Cost of living in Liège

It would be interesting to exchange on the cost of life in Liège, so that future expats in Liège can make a budget!

For a start, we thing about the cost of:

- accomodation (appartment, or house)
- water and electricity
- public transport (metro, bus or taxi)
- monthly household shopping
- average price for bread, butter, milk, eggs, kg of meat...
- medical insurance
- visit to the house doctor
- school fees (specify which school)
- petrol
- average price of a good menu in a traditional restaurant
- a beer or a coffee in a bar or pub
- a cinema ticket

and of course, if you think I forgot an important point, just add it up!

Thanks for your participation :)

Coffee €1.80 - €2 (good value);
House Doctor - €34 (approx 50% refunded by 'mutual');
Schools (children can start school at 2 and a half years old which is really great) - my children go to a very good school in Embourg 4053 - fees are negligible;
Health Insurance - c. €100pm for a family of five :):);
Diesel - €1.15 - €1.20;
Accomodation - to buy: 3-4 bed detatched in good area c. €300-350k (however there is a tax of up to 17.5% :( );
Accomodation - to rent: 3 bed house c. €1k per calendar month.
Restaurant - main course c. €20;
Beer - local brew is Jupiler, draught .33cl €1.50.
Lots of local foods to try - boulet frites avec sauce lapin is top notch!
Food in supermarkets appears to be expensive but I'm not really an expert in this area.

Positives (IMHO): Easy to get to Maastricht; Festival 15 Aout is great; Some good restaurants (see negatives); City not too large so easy to get out to green spaces; Chaudfontaine is a nice town to visit with a nice spa located in a chateau; you'll have to speak French ;); good sense of humour; train station is a very interesting building.

Negatives (IMHO): Not a very pretty town and has suffered economically for over 20 years; high crime rate - there seems to be a lot of junkies; not a great selection of restaurants; Air quality is poor; some anti-American sentiment (I'm not from the US but have been insulted nonetheless).

Thanks for your contribution mickeydocs ;)

Yud :

Thanks for your contribution mickeydocs ;)

You're very welcome. By the way water seems very expensive but then I'm not used to paying for water :)

great post by mickey. Thanks. Does anyone know anything about Arlon areas? I dont see that region as a choice.

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