Chill and meet up at T-COM beach! This Saturday! :)

Hi, buddies!

I'm a new member, and you can call me pingote or Ieva, up to you! :)

It looks that there is more/less active expatriates living in Bratislava. Could be a good reason to meet up and have talk/drink together.
Even you already did that before, would be nice to do it again, isn't it?

I know for sure that on Saturday there will be some salsa+zumba workshop at T-COM beach and I'll be glad to be there to observe how the guys are dancing.
And good place and time to make it useful, for example, meet you!
Pls. write me back, if you're interested to meet and then we'll set up the meeting point/table/chair etc :)

Best regards,

hello leva ,hope that u r fine dear, well, im a new member here too , my name is omar from algeria(north afrika) and im a lawyer,wana come to live there in slovakia but i dont know this counrty so much, can u help me with this pls and to tell me how is life there?is it easy to find a job there ? take acre and wish u anice time leva:)