American researcher studying in Košice


I am a 28 year old graduate student doing research for the next six months in Košice and the surrounding areas.

I do not speak Slovak (I speak intermediate Czech), and I'd really like to meet some English-speaking friends.  I spent the past 6 months in Prague, and I made friends quickly because it was summertime and everyone was outside.  Snowy Košice is pretty, but it seems harder to meet people. 

I like hiking and running. I am an advanced swing dancer (though there doesn't seem to be venues for that) and a beginning salsa dancer . I play the ukulele poorly and I like to sing (also poorly).

Would any one recommend somewhere to get good coffee and/or good beer?

Have fun!


Hi Sara,

Lots of fun coffee houses and especially brew pubs in the central square. I'm heading back in two weeks for the next year. Really would love to start Language classes in Slovak. I don't run but love walking the square for exercise and looking for yoga venues.
Try the mall behind the Doubletree hotel on the top floor in the corner it is a very popular brew house always full we like gong there often.
Hope we can have coffee when we get back.