Hi, Slovakia

I am new to Slovakia.  I live in Bojnice 6 month each year.  I am from the USA and am in Slovak language school trying to learn a new language as a retiree.  Would love to meet some English speaking ex pats in the Bojnice area.  My husband is Slovak but defected years ago.  He is now a dual citizen.  I am in process of getting my residency here, and we plan to live 6 months in Slovakia and the USA.  Please respond if you are interested in getting together.

Hi, I'm in Prievidza, 1km from you! Been here nearly 8 years.
No problem meeting for a coffee and around once per month there is an expat / English speaking meet-up in Lazany, a couple of villages away. With people from all over.

Would be interested to know how your Slovak learning is going, I've struggled to find a teacher around here recently!
Feel free to send a PM.

Thanks for responding. Would love to meet for coffee.  I go to Cafe Merlo in Prievidza old town twice a week before my Slovak School class.  Would love to talk to you about my progress which is very new.  We bought a condo in Bojnice  before Covid and have just been able to move in this May.  So much is going on with my reticence, etc.  Would love to get together.  Let me know what is confident  for you.

Great, will message you and set something up! In the centre or somewhere around is fine for me, I'm all over town most days.

I meet with my school on Mondays and Thursdays at 10 am.  Usually go to Cafe Merlo for morning coffee at around 9 a,]m on those mornings.  I can meet you most any time other than that as we are retired.  Just let me know what works for you.  So looking forward to meeting someone who is an ex pat.

Great, sent you a private message yesterday evening, sure we can find a time / day / place that suits!