Message in a bottle translate please

Hi I have recently found a message in a bottle, only problem is that it's in Slovenian and I have no idea what it says, does anyone know the language or know a place where I would be able to get it translated,

Link to photos:
Thanks for the help, Matt

Hi Matt,

that language is CROATIAN, I understand just a little, but some nice croatian person will sure help you :)

good luck!

Hey Matt, has this been resolved?

I believe it indeed is written in Slovenian and
It is a good-bye letter to the writer's father, who died... :(

It thanks him for everything and summarises memories.

Dear father!
Thank you for life, for all the nice moments, for holding my hand...
... my gratitude is so big, it is indescribable by words...
... there's not enough paper in the world....
...your energy, your humour stays forever locked in my heart, along with the memory of you...
.. you see, you are my biggest hero...

"Tvoje ime ostalo vedno z menoj; Tako kot tudi tvoj duh; rada te imam počivaj v miru; dokler se ne srečamo"
= your name remained with me, as well as your spirit (soul), I love you, rest in peace, until we meet.

It says, "Do not open, this used to contain samples of the Ebola virus".