Would be glad to meet up some fellow Filipinos and other nationalities

Ahoj, I am from the Philippines and currently living in Nitra, Slovakia.
Would be glad to meet up some fellow Filipinos and other nationalities as well.
I've been living in Slovakia for more than 2 years now.

Hi Johnjilanny,

I created a new thread from your post on the Slovakia forum so as you get better interaction with members of this forum.

Well, maybe you can introduce yourself  :) Share you likes and dislikes with us.

Bhavna  ;)


I saw that you're in Slovakia already! Anyhow, I was accepted in the job i applied for in Bratislava and I will start this year June. I am working on my visa right now and I saw that I need a work permit and a temporary residence permit. The only problem is that when i did some research it says there that I have to apply for the permits at Slovakia Embassy in Indonesia, as that's the closest embassy from us.

Question is, how did you apply for your visa? Did you also personally go to Indonesia for that?

I really dont want to go to Indonesia as I dont have any time since Im very busy with studies as I am trying to graduate by March and I am in deep focus sa studies right now.
Please let me know how were you able to secure yours. You may email me at *** or facebook me at ***

Please let me know the details. I would really owe you my work if I'll get through with this.

All the best,

Jane :D

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