Hello everybody, iam looking for friend who speaks English

Hi people, how are you? My name is Michal(24age), Iam from Trnava, many times iam drives to the Bratislava, bcs work, party, etc. Iam looking for somebody who speaks english well. Sometimes to go out, just for beer of coffe. I need to increase level of my eng. :(. So if someone of you have sometimes free-time, just write me,,, btw if u need some informations about Slovakia, or help with anything, iam here for you :)


Michal :P

Hi Michal,

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

Thank you, hope many ppl are here active, i want talk with everybody :)

Hi Michal, I am Naveed originally from Pakistan but living and working in Dubai (UAE) for about 10 years. I am planning to visit Slovakia in next few weeks. Do you have information how much do I rent a room for couple of months?
Well, of course, while i will be on visit, we can go out anytime and will be happy to have a friend on my visit :-)

Hi man, so if u want rent a flat u can visit this page: reality.sk (in the right corner is Eng.translate)

There is a lot of flats for rent in Slovakia, if u have specific terms, send me private msg. I can help you to find flat as u need.

But for example in Bratislava 1room-flat starts price on 350€. 2 rooms about 500€, or if u want share flat with somebody, the price is less.

If u have any questions, iam here for you :)