[MEETING] Bratislava Saturday 15th of October

Hi all,

as many people are interested in meeting new people or learning new languages, I think it's time for a forum meeting to learn to know each other.

Location: Bratislava, historical centre. Any suggestions for a pub are welcome.
When: Saturday 15th of October
Time: not decided yet. Please state when it would suit you the best:

1) in the morning (until noon)
2) in the afternoon (from noon until 18H00)
3) in the evening (after 18H00)

Hope to see you all,


I think it is good idea . Bratislava is full of foreigners. We should met , exchange ideas , give advices and having some fun.

topic sticked ;)

Hello guys,

i returned from the US and would like to keep in touch with foreigners in my city of Bratislava... in the US I found meetup.com very useful for organizing meetup events for new-in-townies or just interested people.

I would like to help with organizing meetups of expats and foreigners in Bratislava! I can talk to some restaurants for special discounts or happy hours for example!

Are you in? meetup.com/ba-nightlife


Hi Tomas,

in your very first message you are trying to redirect Expat.com members to another group / website, without presenting yourself ...

What should I think ?

Hi Julien,

the Meetup should not be perceived as a subtitute to Expat.com. It only helps organize meetups of various people. It is not my intention to substitute all useful information you provide on your website. On the contrary, I would recommend your blog to my expat and foreign friends, because I find it useful and friendly.


Thanks for your response Tomas, I appreciate.

Now let's get back to Expat.com Bratislava meeting on Saturday 15th of October :)

Greggy by the way you should drop a line to Julie https://www.expat.com/forum/profile.php?id=212590

she may be able to help you to organize your meeting ;)

Hey there,

I am in Bratislava for just more than a month now and I would be thrilled to meet other expats.
15th of oct. sounds good, I think that 6PM would be a great time.
As for the place - I think that any nice cafe in the historical center would do.  I can't suggest any as I didn't yet explore the possibilities, but If I find a suitable one I will return with a new post.

Have fun!

Bonjour, je suis Français et nouveau sur Bratislava. Je parle très mal Anglais, c'est pour cette raison que je vous écris en Français. Je serais vraiment interessé pour une rencontre le 15 Octobre, j'ai envie de faire des rencontres et connaitre du monde sur Bratislava. J'attends donc de vos nouvelles. A plus tard, François

Hello, I am French and again Bratislava. I speak very little English, which is why I am writing in French. I'd be really interested to a meeting on October 15, I want to meet people and know the world of Bratislava. I therefore expect you. A later, François


Il y a beaucoup de temps que je cherche quelqun pour ameliorer mon Francais. Je parle milieu Englais. Si vous etes interesse de corespondez ou peut etre rendezvous pour echanger des connainsainces de langue - laisez moi savoir, je serais tres heureux!

A bientot,

Hey everyone,

I'm Tamás from Hungary, currently in Bratislava until July for sure so let's have fun together:) 15 of October 6PM can be good! I'm looking for a place, if find something let you know guys;)

Well, as I'm from Belgium, maybe we can meet in the Belgian café De Zwaan :-)


Francois50 wrote:

Bonjour, je suis Français et nouveau sur Bratislava.

Salut François, moi je parle aussi Français (pas ma langue principale) donc je peux vous aider à améliorer votre Anglais ;-)


Ok pour le 15 avec grand plaisir!!! A bientôt, François


Could you please write in English on this Anglophone forum so that every member may understand and participate.


definitely up for it. With my wife, we could arrive maybe a bit late. Plane landing at 7PM.
I would suggest waiting last minute to decide on destination. Depending on weather it could still be good outside...

Guys can everyone suggest place so we can pick up one to met?
also would be nice to know who will attend it,when it will start and when it will end as I dont live in Bra.

Ok, good, here's an update.

I went to the Belgian café De Zwaan, but they don't speak English over there, so I went to Primi.

The owner was not there, but he'll call me on Wednesday. I told the waiter that we'll meet up at 6PM, but I need to know by Wednesday if we should make reservation for food or only for drinks.

Can all who will join let me know if they want to grab some food?
The website with the menu is on:


Thanks for your answers,


Hi,I would love to join. Haven't been anywhere yet, so I cant really suggest

There are *many* places available in Bratislava for meetups, but more popular bars/clubs like Primi and De Zwaan are bad choices for large meetups (in my opinion. sad, because there's not much I enjoy more than a good Belgian beer). I'd suggest U Dezmara, Kristian Pub, KC Dunaj, Studio Cafe or some such place. Thoughts?

Tesim sa!


why dont we all met at quite place so we will have chance to talk and get to know each other and after we can go to a par or even disco ?

Ok, so reservation has been made at Primi at 18H00. At that time it's not busy yet and the music is not loud.
I've reserved for 20 persons (actually 9 friends of mine will join also and eat there). The tables are reserved inside, because the day before they close the terrace for renovation :(

Please see the place as a meeting point. If you want to go somewhere else afterwards, no problem. There's no obligation there in taking food or drinking.


Hi everyone!
Great chance to know other expats,I'm in as well...I'll be in Bratislava next week. 6pm sounds great...see you there on the 15th then!


hi im new leaving for michalovce in 3 weeks from england

hi everyone

primi is not very good idea becouse its one of the most expencie pubs in down town.
we shall go somewhere else. there are many bars and restaurant where to go.

I guess I am not lucky to met all of  you this time.
I have to be in Egypt to cover some elections and will back on 17.
I hope you all will have fun and hopefully to met with all of you.

Can anybody summarize then when and where the meeting on oct 15th also which primi there are two in bratislava thanks

Hi Fabiol1900, so it is Saturday at 18H00 at Primi Michalska.

Will you be there?

For now we have 11 confirmations:
golgot1 + his wife
...and myself

Best regards,

Hope to have nice time there .
I appreciate to organize another meeting soon.

Hi everyone !

I will probably join you, I'm French and I would love to meet new people here in Bratislava. I don't live in Bratislava but it takes me 20 minutes by car to be there.
Hope to see you all on October 15th ! 6pm works for me :)

Kind regards


Perfect! That makes you the 3rd French person who will join ;-)