10000 AED for couple & one kid

Hi All

Please i have been offered 10000 AED inclusive, I am married & have a kid 7 years and willing to bring them with me.

Is that salary enough to live a normal life & save money as i will look for housing in sharjah as per advise from friends ??
Secondly my wife will look for a job as she is now working as a primary teacher ??

Please i should send my feedback ASAP, Kindly help me with cost & monthly expenses ??

Kind Regards

From my little knowledge, you will have to make visa for both of them,ur wife will have to be on ur visa inclusive with child,only if she gets a job within the space of the eligible 2mths I can say well that's a free headache for you but I guess you will be responsible for daughter's visa...Accommodation at most 2500 for a room or may 3k,it depends n I dnt know ur nationality as to give u a little idea about schools fees,cos it differs and your transportation could run in 1500 monthly,then feeding---I want to believe with your wife working,you should be fine but with them solely on your salary,its a bit difficult to save as expected but as you grow with UAE experience u will be fyn

Appreciate ur prompt feedback my lady, Few questions:

1. Accommodation you meant on sharjah or dubai ??
2. i am egyptian and will admit my daughter to normal private arabic school primary 2... how much fees ??
3. Transportation u meant around 1500 for work only or with other daily life duties with the family ?? and if i will buy a used car is it fine and sheaper ?? 
Last thing please if u can specify average of total expenses ( normal life ) Accommodation / Transportation / School Fees / Food, Internet and utilites.

I do appreciate ur help .

Kind Regards

Well if you live in sharjah and your office in dubai,its best left at that as I don't know the distance of ur work place.
Accommodation in sharjah at least one room you should get 20000 full year but in dubai 2500 per month,giving you in total 30000
School fees for Arabic school for 3months is within 2500.
For transportation,yea daily life but still I dnt know your distance. For car ,I honestly dnt kw but I heard not cheap,yea cars in good shape here
I am Nigerian,so our food differs,but mine more expensive.
Internet in the home is 600-700 but that's wen your home isn't connected with WIFI
I do hope I have solved half your stress