Job offer of AED15,000

I have a job offer of AED 15,000 wanted to check if its good offer to move in Dubai with family of 4. Kindly advice THanks

it depend how many persons and where you gunna live .. but actually it will be fine but without saving. schools here expensive and apartments rents is so expensive

What will be average rent 2BHK in proper duabi?

start from 80.000/AED yearly.

Try for cost of living   also read the many informative posts on this forum for information.

Hello Mohammed Ayoob

Try also to check out other threads in our cost of living in Dubai section of the forum to be able to compare your salary with others.

Kenjee Team

yes very good offer, dont loose this opportunity

What line of work is this (what will be the job?)?  And from which country are you coming from?  15,000 is much better than some jobs; but it is very expensive to live in Dubai. I earn a little more than this as a teacher, but still, I cannot afford Dubai with my committments.

If you are coming from KSA, you will find life to be much more expensive in Dubai.  Much depends on your lifestyle.  15K is barely enough to manage if you have 4 children.  If your employer takes care of your housing or children education you may be ok.  Don't expect 2BH apartment less than 100K per year.  Unlike perhaps KSA, here you pay rent in advance by PDC.

family of 4... 15000 BIG .
A Big Nooooo

Mr.Ayoob..ur salary is good enough but in dubai the cost of living is so u can search d house outside vl reduce ur cost expenses and can save ur money..