Planning to move to Abu Dhabi..Need info

Hi Guys,

I have an offer hand to move to Abu Dhabi and work with one of the new 7 star hospital as a Quality specialist. Was just wondering if the money that was offered would suffice or not.

I want to
1. Lead a moderate life style without complaints
2. Have good saving

The offered pay was about 11000 AED plus accomodation.

I am single at least for next one year.

I have a decent job currently in India as Quality Manager with a leading organization and a nice pay package and what I would be getting almost double if I convert into INR.

Please suggest guys so that I do not end up having problems.


P.S: I am a Engineer in IT, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, PRINCE2 & ITIL foundation certified with 6 years experience.

Hi Santosh,

I've heard from the people of Abu Dhabi that the accommodation is the most expensive thing in Abu Dhabi! You've mentioned that the salary is 11,000AED + Accommodation!
Are they giving you any fixed allowance for accommodation?
If yes, then how much it is? Because the rents in Abu Dhabi are much higher and the accommodation allowance might not be enough to manage that!
If no, will they be going to provide you the accommodation? Because some of the areas are remote area i.e. away from the main city, therefore, considering your initial situation (without a car and driving license) it will be tough!

You have to clarify the above point!

Secondly, I have a feeling that the salary is a bit low as compare to your experience, if possible, you can negotiate more!

In the end of the day, it's all about savings ! you can still save more than your Indian salary but it totally depends on your life style !! But if you're talking about living an average life in Abu Dhabi, you can easily manage with the above salary with little savings ! :)


Its fixed salary plus accommodation in the hospital itself but not as transportation shouldn't be a problem unless I was to go out for city visits :)...

What is the best salary that I can ask for...also wanted to check on expat employee terms and conditions as well...

If I have to compare Indian Sal, I am well paid...Moreover I hardly need to spend cos I have a house of my own...home food....weekend parties and I still save more than half of what I earn...