2800 dir with free accomodation and food in abu dhabi.

Hi.. I just finished my graduation & got offer from a reputed company for their abu dhabi plant.
They are offering me 2800dir starting salary with annual perks with free food & accomodation. I am confused abt salary,  should I take this offer or not? Will I be able to save some money from 2800 dir? Help plssss

very less salary wht is ur qualification?????

Yes i know salary is very low & this is one of the offer i got, just analysing each. So can u pls tell me with accomodation & food free.. how much it will cost me there?

Abudhabi is very costly city in UAE,the cost of living is very high,i think 2800 will not be sufficent for you to pay rent and food alone.

Sir I don't hav to pay rent... food & accomodation is free from company's side

ok thats good.then you can save around 2000 AED and it depends all upon your spedning,if you are getting food and accomadation you can even save the whole salary also.

Ok for a fresh graduate.

Oh wow.. thanx for this info.. will help me a lot in my final decision... u seem to be an indian.. so tell me how is life there for us? I mean is it a nice place to work & live?

yes im indian from mumbai,i've been here from 6 years,love this country,im a software professional.

Nice sir... I heard dat call rates, internet services etc there are very costly & I read smwhere dat skype is also banned. So how do u manage calling family & friends back home? Are there any cheap methods of calling or internet?

yes ur right skype is banned here,even voip calling softeare are banned ,but some people take risk and use it.