Cost of living and package

Hi All,

I am thinking to relocate to abu dhabi from the UK, where I am currently working.
From various websites, I have colllected following information for cost of living.

Decent 3 bedroom house in a good location : Cost £2500/month
Education : £1000/month per child for private British school
Transportation/own car : £250/month
Food : £300 per month/mostly vegetarian
Other house bills, £250 per month
This comes to 30k+24k+3k+3.6k+3k+£2k = 65.6k per annum.
Medical : £2k/annum
Assuming all expenses are included in this, it seems that either a package of £100k or a package of £80k plus accomodation would be worth going for this move. Could anyone with similar situation please let me know if I am reasonable in my assessment/assumptions above?
This is for 2 primary school age going kids and two adults.



For your family you will need around 35K GBP / year for housing, a 4x4 and food. Add your insurance (ask the company for that btw) and education costs.

You may use Cost of living in Dubai calculator. It is designed for Dubai but prices are  very close.