Is 8000 enough to live in Dubai

Iv been offered a job with a 1 bed apartment, flights, visa from the uk and travel to and from work all paid for with an added 8000 aed salary. Is that a good enough over to live in Dubai with?

If you are single, it is ok to get by.  Not great but you will be able to manage with control on your budget.

Definitely not workable with a family.

Yeah than 8000 is just for food and days out or what ever. Travel to and from work in Dubai will be taken care of by work, is that 8000 reasonable for the month?

Would be tough but manageable.  Not wow but ok.

You will have to control how you spend.  If you are into eating/drinking out; you could easily spend half of your salary in that if not careful.

Thank you, not planing to eat out to much as I know it expensive, is food prices in the supermarket high as the UK is pretty high to be honest.

Almost the same to a bit more expensive - it's all imported here.

Thank you for your help ;)

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