Dali ima netko iz Srbije?

Kontaktirajte me ako ima netko iz Srbije u abidjan, hvala  i pozdrav.




Hello New Mihaela,

You are posting to an Anglophone forum, therefore would you kindly post in ENGLISH ONLY in consideration of the rest of our members.

All of Expat-blog's forums have 5 separate language-specific versions (English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) which may be accessed by clicking on the flag icon that you will find in the green banner at the top of each page and then selecting the desired language. Postings to these forums should also be ONLY in the language of that forum.

Thankyou for your cooperation and understanding, it will be appreciated by everyone here.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

wjwoodward :

kindly post in ENGLISH ONLY

That's what I said, but with so much more added sarcasm.  :D

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