Leisure in Abidjan

Leisure in Abidjan
Updated 2016-04-25 14:05

Moving to Abidjan? How are you planning to spend your leisure time? Find a few tips in this article.

If you have decided to settle in Abidjan, especially to work, you will probably wonder what you can do during your free time. As the Ivorian economic capital city, Abidjan holds a great cultural wealth which you can explore. You are also likely to enjoy a range of leisure activities in this lively area, whether in day time or at night.

Popular neighborhoods

Abidjan is definitely a place to discover, regardless of your age, thanks to its different and interesting neighborhoods such as Plateau, Cocody, Treichville, Marcory and Adjamé which are the most popular ones.

Each of these neighborhoods has its own features: some are known to be modern and upscale neighborhoods while others are older and more bustling thanks to the presence of markets and fairs. Plateau, for its part, is famous for its huge skyscrapers.


If you wish to discover the traditional of Abidjan, why not head towards Adjamé which is the city's biggest commercial center? The area hosts nine markets, including the biggest Market Forum. Marcory also hosts very lively and colorful market stalls.


Former French colony, Abidjan has preserved its huge historical heritage over the years. These are especially described Cocody's colonial architecture, especially when it comes to houses, and the Vridi Channel.

You will also come across several mosques, namely in Treichville, Cocody and Plateau. The Saint Paul's Cathedral, for its part, holds a great treasure which is worth of being admired and clicked if you fancy photography. Note that Abidjan is especially famous for its splendid religious buildings.

Abidjan also hosts several libraries, including the National Library and that of the Institut Francais de Cote d'Ivoire. Moreover, each neighborhood hosts at least one cultural place of interest, be it a museum, library or a sports or culture palace.

Cinema is rather popular in the city. Indeed, Abidjan hosts several film events every year, such as Clap Ivoire and short film festivals. You will also be able to attend many music events such as the Faya Flow, the Tiercé Gagnant, Concerto Festival, etc.


If you prefer more energetic activities, you will not be disappointed. Indeed, you can choose from various swimming pools, bowling clubs, ice rinks, casinos, etc, at the Ivory Hotel. As regards cinema halls, several great movies are screened for two to three weeks. In terms of sports, you can also access to many municipal stadiums.

Finally, Yopougon is deemed to be the top area for leisure as it hosts several very lively restaurants where you can discover the authentic Ivorian cuisine.

However, since the 1980, Abidjan has been greatly affected by high crime rate. You are therefore advised to avoid going out alone late at night, both on week days and during week-ends.

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