Leisure in Ivory Coast

Leisure in Ivory Coast
Updated 2016-04-25 13:49

What are the leisure activities that are available in Ivory Coast? Are these accessible to expatriates? Find out in this article.

Over the years, many expatriates have been moving to Ivory Coast, especially to benefit from professional opportunities that are available there. By living in this beautiful West African country, you will also be entitled to some free time which you can enjoy with your friends or family. Thanks to a range of leisure activities, you are definitely not likely to get bored during your stay.

Nature lovers

Nature lovers, why not head to the Taï and Comoé National Parks? By visiting these parks, you will discover lush West African virgin forests, interspersed with turbulent rivers and gigantic trees sheltering chimpanzees.

The Comoé National Park is deemed to be West Africa's biggest nature reserve. During the dry season, you will be able to observe many wild animal species which come to refresh at the Comoé River.

Akresi, which is the nearest village to the Lakes region, is another interesting place to discover fishing traditions and Ivorian chieftaincy. The 18 Mountains region, for its part, comprises jungles, savannahs, waterfalls and creeper bridges offering a breathtaking natural landscape.

Given the varying climates in different regions, you are advised to inquire on the most suitable period to visit these natural places of interest. For instance, the dry season which goes from December to February, is ideal to visit the Tai National Park.


Sports are also quite popular in Ivory Coast. You can thus choose from combat sports, water sports, athletics, and many others. Indeed, Ivorian are very keen about keeping fit through various types of physical activities. Dance, such as the djembe and balafon, are also considered as being traditional sports in Ivory Coast.

Like in most African countries, football brings the population together with passion and enthusiasm. Matches are watched in great pomp in the different neighborhoods while these are broadcast by the media. If you wish to practice football, regardless of your age, why not join a sports center or playing field.


If you are looking forward to relax, you should probably head towards the beach. Sassandra, which is found in the West of Abidjan, hosts not only a fishing village and a bustling port but also a beautiful river and a few beaches. Bivouac and Poly-Plage are the most popular and accessible beaches in Ivory Coast, being close to Abidjan and linked daily by bus routes.

Strolling around

During your stay in Ivory Coast, you should also take the time to visit its places of interest and stroll around so as to enjoy its particular land and cityscape.

In Grand Bassam, for instance, you will be delighted by its atypical houses, fishing village and unique handicraft. If you are in Man, why not visit its city market and the surroundings? Note that several buses and bush-taxis commute being Man and Abidjan several times a day.

Finally, Yamoussoukro is overhung by the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace and other huge buildings such as the President Hotel and the Parliamentarians' Hotel.

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