Wanna start mega fashion chain shop

Hi  all

wanna achieve these, comment please,

Business Proposal

Proposed Business Plan:
To set up the biggest regional Fashion outlet in West Africa

Proposed Brand:
WorldLink, Sultana, Sultana The Queen, Elizabeth, Elizabeth The Queen,

Target Market (by demographics):
1.    Between 20 to 40 years old
2.    Working gentdies
3.    Executives
4.    Tourist
5.    Image, yet budget conscious

1.    Fashion Clothes & Wears
2.    Stylish comfortable working Shoes
3.    Working leather bags
4.      More products in the line to be introduced

Place (how we plan to start & expand in terms of locations):
•    1st outlet at     Abidjan         having population approx     3,310,500
•    2nd outlet at     Bouaké         having population approx    775,300
•    3rd outlet at     Daloa             having population approx    489,100
•    4th outlet at     Yamoussoukro     having population approx     295,500
•    5th outlet at     Korhogo         having population approx     163,400
•    6th outlet at      San Pédro         having population approx     151,600
•    7th outlet at     Divo             having population approx    134,200

Then we will concentrate to setup outlets at nineteen regions of Côte d'Ivoire.   

   1. Agnéby
   2. Bafing
   3. Bas-Sassandra
   4. Denguélé
   5. Dix-Huit Montagnes
   6. Fromager
   7. Haut-Sassandra
   8. Lacs
   9. Lagunes
  10. Marahoué
  11. Moyen-Cavally
  12. Moyen-Comoé
  13. N'zi-Comoé
  14. Savanes
  15. Sud-Bandama
  16. Sud-Comoé
  17. Vallée du Bandama
  18. Worodougou
  19. Zanzan    

Then we will concentrate to setup outlets at 81 departments of nineteen regions of Côte d'Ivoire.

•    Every month at least a new outlet will be opened, covering as widely the whole of Côte d'Ivoire as possible. When we reach 81 departments of nineteen regions and 107 outlets in Côte d'Ivoire, we will enter a neighboring country.
•    Bulk Consignment in various International Standard shopping centers

It will create 749 direct employment plus couple of thousands more indirect, COMMENT PLEASE,

wow, do you need an art Director who can take care of the communication and promotion of all these outlet? I mean, web site, promo, banner, adv and everything?

Our ICT team stationed in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Hi, I wasn't talking about IT, but the graphic communication. I propose myself to you as art director for your outlet chain. Do you already have a logo, a brand image, and all the other issue about the identity?

Our team is working on those homework, some designs are ready to review, anyway thanks for your communication

hi come from ivory coast and live in germany.i work in hannover for a fashion company.do you need translator service?can help in translation.thx

it might work
lodge a formal application with details CV  to my email id
keep touch
keep smilling

Hey there

In any case of business you intend to plan in Ivory Coast, you need some strong contacts. Everything now here depends on who you know and who you don't.

Something else you may want to consider is that such a business would only echo with 3 to 5% of the global customers, since they're pretty few to keep on having the funds required to purchase goods and supplies.
But regardless that, you'll surely have to set up the price of your products among the lowest level on the market since there is but a strong competition on the matter. However, I actualy saw some T-shirts from Bangladesh to sell in supermarkets, therefore it may be worth the effort.

I wish you success.

Thank you for your time also your good wishes,
Your suggestion will help us in the planning process,
yeah, T shirt that we are good at, international standard we can maintain, producing and exporting to the global market,
Will love to keep touch with you
s k m enamul haque

what's about your business? Very ambitious! Is it serious?

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