Bilingual friends meetup


I would like to know if anyone speaking both french and English.. or any one learning french  and English  would like to meet up and spend some time and make friends.  Anyone new to Abidjan can also join. Please reply to this post so that one can make a date fixed for the meetup.

Thank you

I am in Abidjan studying and i know few friends studying here too who speak both english and french like me. We are not working but i guess we can share a lot

Hello. I just moved back to Abidjan. My English is good, but my French needs a major refresher course. I hope to also meet others that speak both English and French. Perhaps we can all learn from each other.

Is Saturday 6 june ok for everyone to meet up? give me suggestions for the place to meet. i live in zone 4.

I dont know anything the zones lol. I live in Macory Residential, not too far from Ibis. Hope that helps.
Theres a decent resturant called Titanic thats in that area. The upstairs has a nice view of the street and the pizza is pretty good too. If i can think of other places, ill let you know but I dont get out often enough. I usually spend the weekends in Bassam. Watching the ocean takes away the boredom :-).

Im really looking forward to meeting others and creating friendships.

haha.. me neither. . ok.. capsud should be a better place for meetup i guess. . i have no idea about the Titanic restaurant. . but capsud has a good coffee shop to hang out. . i wish to see more people joining the meetup..

Cool cool. Where is Capsud? Or better question, what stuff(shops, resturants, hotels etc) is around Capsud, so i can get an idea of where it is. Ill try to scout it out while im running errands today

it is close to marcory. u should not have any problem locating it. it is located near orca deco.  capsud is a mall where u have hyperhyat.. mango.. Swarovski showrooms and many more. if u r taking a taxi he would drive u there ..

Ok great. Thank you for the information. Saturday works for me. The weekend in general works for me  :) It will be nice to be in the company of others. Im looking forward to it. Hopefully others will join. Feel free to message me in the mean time.

Hi am moving to Abidjan on August 1st,zero french but hoping to learn fast,I really need to make friends with English speaking pple from kenya and looking forward to a beautiful country and pple,experiences,lagoon,the heat 🔥...... 😝

I am bilingual (french/english) and moving to Abidjan in two weeks from Texas, USA. I am open to meeting new people.
Has the group met before? Is there a scheduled upcoming meeting? Please let me know...Thanks.

We moved to Abidjan last y ear. We live in zone 4 Abidjan. Am Kenyan and would love to meet up when you arrive.

hi i am so new .jus 3 weeks now am here in are you all

I am bilingual french/english, living in abidjan for quite awhile now. I am open to meeting new people.
Is there another date fixed  for the bilingual friends meet up. please let me know if it's still going on. thanks

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Hello Everyone
It seems like there is no meet up scheduled.
Is anyone open to meet this weekend. Either tonight or Saturday evening/night?
We could do coffee in the evening or drinks at night. I was thinking somewhere around Cap Sud in the evening for coffee or Zone 4 at night for drinks. Bring up your suggestions and let's do this.
Anyone interested please private reply for my phone number so I can coordinate things.

What? No takers? Not even one?....  :(:unsure

I would and very much willing to meet up.but i have à little princess.movement is hence limited but i wish you best or luck in finding some pleasant company. Ciao

Hi All,
I'm interested by the meetp.. How to send Private message in here??

Post on French channel of this forum, there you get better chance

To send a private message simply click on the name of the person you want to PM and click on send private message.

Donysisi....this thread is specific to English speaking people wanting to meet.

No problems. I understand how demanding those precious little being can be. Been there, done that. I have three daughters of my own....and they are arriving in Abidjan tomorrow. So I am enjoying the calm before the storm.... :D

Interesting but all worth it. Welcome to Abidjan.!!

hi i am new here sister.i am from india.moved here few months back.Like to meet up with some indians,i donot know french.trying to learn.i am working at ciprel power plant.i would be happy if you reply for my message.

Hi everyone,
I'm bilingual french and english. the meetup group sounds great. too bad nothing came of it.  :|

Yes Moidu44...I have tried to get this thing going on in the past to no avail...hopefully the ball will start rolling this time.

hi guys.. im sorry as i was away from the group for quite a while.. im in India now.. as we are expecting another little one in feb.. hopefully when i come back we can fix a schedule for meet up..  hope u guys are having good time there.. :)

I hope so too tomfen...
Would anyone be interested in a monthly language exchange group? We could meet up either in Bietry or Riviera, or alternate every month... Any takers?

That's a great idea...count me in.

Hey Everyone. Any Kenyans still living in Abidjan.
Would be happy to meet up.

Hello ! I'm from Mauritius, I speak both English and French and would be great to meet new people and share stuff

Am coming to Abijian on Thursday,  for the first time, and I will really need an English speaking someone to guide me


Where are you coming from Ibesto. Are you shifting to Abidjan?

@ibesto Hello, I am available to help. Can we talk about privately? Thanks.


Hello that would be nice am interested

it should be worth for those who feeling alone to have meet up and spend time