How do you date here as an expat in Cote D'Ivoire?

How do you date as an expat here? Where are some of the places that you take your date to? Do you date locally or other expats? I'm having some difficulty dating (obviously because work does take most of my time) but also to navigate the dating world here in Abidjan. I'd like to be invited out by other expats if possible for a drink or something if any is interested?

Also, if you also are interested in exchanging knowledge about your language (for instance I speak English and if you speak Spanish or other, I'd like to learn too) or others, let me know. I'm up for getting to know people of different backgrounds.


Dating: That is a good question.  Maybe there is an online meet-up.

However, I am interested in French dialog.  So, let me know how your French is.


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Hi Oriana

I speak Both French and Italian.

I will be glad to meet up with you too 🤠 for some exchange .


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