looking for a job

Hi all

I studied hotel management in Switzerland and I'm looking for a job in ivory coast, does anyone have contacts that could help me get a job?


Hi Tumi!

Maybe you should try posting an advert in the Ivory Coast jobs section.
It might help.


Hello Friend

Happy new year

Please I may be of help for your job request in Ivory Coast.

Kindly send me your resume in both French and English and a motivation letter in both langage at [email protected]

Hello sanoma6

Kindly note that you are presently participating on a thread inactive since June 2013!

I invite you to drop in an advert in our JOBS section if you are proposing any work opportunity.

Expat.com Team

Drop at Sofitel ABidjan

Hello manassee.nekouressi,

Thank you for the information but please note that this thread has not been active since the year 2013. You can always participate on more recent threads on the Ivory Coast forum.

Expat.com Team