Jobs in Ivory coast

Can someone tell me aboute any company who are recruting at the moment in Ivory coast.
I really like to live there, but I will need a job.
Please help me....

Hi baboanita,

welcome to!

you could tell us more about you and give more info on what type of job you are looking for?

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Hiya christine,

thanks for the welcome, I am graduate from greenwich university, in Business management (T&T).
i am 31 years old and I'v worked as a customer service representative for 3 I worke for Pret a manger, i really like my job, but I want to go back in Ivory coast.

thank you

I was studying computer field in India now i am back to Ivory Coast.i am still looking for job.I just want to know if someone can tell me about any company who are recruting at the moment in Ivory coast.I am able to speak english fluently and french is my home language.Please help me....

I am a graduate from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.  I hold a B'Commerce certificate in Accounting.  I am a worker with a Rural Bank in Ghana but I want to work in Ivory Coast. I can speak French ans English My contact number is 020-8959805. I shall be grateful if you assist me.  Merci beaucoup.

Hello allu paul -> You should post an advert in the Jobs in Ivory Coast section. It might help. :)

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I personally think the best thing for you all to do is to get in contact with Ivorians on Facebook, because The Ivory Coast is getting back up on it's feet and I have notice living here for about a year now that Ivorians like using facebook to post job openings and to meet new people outside of the ivory coast that would like to come and live in the ivory coast. There are a lot of Ivorian group communities on facebook that you all can join and get informations faster. Hope this gives an idea and helps. Peace!

Dear Aurelie,

Please kindly assist me on how to place the advert in the jobs in Ivory Coast culume. 

I shall be very grateful as I am very anxious with my request.

Thank you in advance.


Hello Paul.

Click on the link I gave you above then click on Post a job or create your cv. ;)

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My Name is Mohamed I'm from Sierra Leone I'm now in cote d'lvoire I'm looking for job please i need your help...

Hello Mohamed,

How can I help you ?

Je suis résident en côte d'ivoire je suis professeur de musique je veux aller a l'étranger continuer