Internship in Ivory Coast

Internship in Ivory Coast
Updated 2016-04-25 14:14

Looking for internship opportunities in Ivory Coast? Here is an overview of the local labor market and on related conditions.

Thousands of expatriates worldwide dream of performing an internship abroad. So if you are looking for opportunities in West Africa, why not try your luck in Ivory Coast? Indeed, the country is rather open towards expatriates wishing to acquire international professional experience. By moving there, you will also benefit from its growing economy and many advantages. But it is best to inquire on related formalities first.


Internships, or professional training, are regulated through an internship contract. According to this agreement, a tutor will either be responsible for providing practical training to the candidate, or will delegate the responsibility to someone else.

All conditions and fees pertaining to the trainee, both in the case of a local or foreign trainee, are the employer's responsibility. Hence, the trainee will be eligible to a full salary during the internship period. The Labor Inspectorate may intervene in case of conflict.


If you think that internship opportunities are limited in Ivory Coast, you are wrong. In fact, many companies provide career prospects for local and foreign trainees as employment is one of the government's major priorities following the 2000 crisis.

You can therefore try your luck with financial institutions, telecommunication companies and other companies which are involved in the tertiary sector. Note that services is deemed to be the most promising field both for local and foreign trainees.

Find an internship

Though being very helpful, networking is not the only way of finding internship opportunities in Ivory Coast. Indeed, career prospects are often advertised by companies on their respective websites or on other specialized virtual employment platforms.

In some countries, voluntary internship programs are offered to candidates wishing to acquire professional experience in Ivory Coast. Note that you are likely to come across many French trainees in the country. You may also choose to move there on a humanitarian mission.

You can hence start your internship search on the Internet via specialized job websites, companies websites, professional social networks, the Ivorian Chamber of Commerce, etc. Good luck!

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