Traveling to Ivory Coast with your pets

Traveling to Ivory Coast with your pets
Updated 2016-04-26 12:01

Wondering how to travel to Ivory Coast with your pet? Find the answers to your queries in this article.

When planning your move to Ivory Coast, you will probably wonder whether you can take your pet with you. Indeed, your pet is allowed to travel there with you provided it complies with specific regulations. Before proceeding, it is best to inquire on these with the Ivorian Ministry of Animal resources.


Your pet, whether it is a cat or a dog, will be allowed into the country only if it has been vaccinated against rabies and it is in possession of a valid pet health certificate. The rabies vaccine must has been administered between 1 and 12 months prior to its arrival in Ivory Coast while the health certificate must have been established, signed and stamped by your home country's pet veterinarian authorities at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled travel date.

On your pet's arrival, its pet passport will be requested by the Immigration officers. Its electronic identification microchip will also be verified.

In the case of less than three months old pets, you will have to prove that they have not been exposed to health risks such as rabies and that that they have remained with their mother since their birth.


Your pet will be allowed to move freely around the country if all the above conditions have been met. In case your cat or dog is suffering from any disease, it will be examined by a licensed veterinarian upon the request of Custom officers. It will then be quarantined and fees will be your responsibility.

Traveling conditions

If you are planning to travel to Ivory Coast with your pet, you are required to notify your carrier beforehand, that is, on booking your air tickets. Your pet will be allowed to travel with you in the cabin if it is traveling in a 55x40x23 cm bag or in a cage whereby the total weight does not exceed 5 kg. In case of excess, you will pay a flat rate of 15,000 CFA francs or the equivalent in foreign currency.


Your pet must be in possession of all relevant documents as the officer in charge of your luggage will also request for these to be produced.

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