Searching indian

Any indian in Ivory Coast ???

plz help me out , i m cuming to Ivory Coast next month..

Sonu … ory-coast/

hope this helps,


I am an ivory and live here so I can help u

call me at +225 22 43 49 31 or +225 02 07 12 15

Any Indian, Bangalore or Karnataka  guys living in Ivory Coast, coz i am coming there in August, Please help me out guys

thanks in advance
my email: [email protected]


hi any Indian in ivory coast.please help me i am coming their next month.

I got a job offer in Addax Petroleum Cote D' Ivoire Ltd., as Admin Mgr, Pls anybody can help me knowing more about the mentioned comapany.

Hello [email protected] and welcome to!

Why don't you start a new thread on the forum.
This is one is dated 2010.


Well, there are plenty of Indians around but finding one may prove difficult.  But, seriously if you need to locate Indians, the best place would be to visit Delhi Darbar which is an Indian restaurant in Zone 4 and I am sure you will run into many Indians there who visit the place - don't go on Monday's as they are closed.

Also remember that French is the official language although many local Ivoriennes speak good English.

Good luck.

I am an Indian in Abidjan and I speak both languages, french and english. How can I help you all? I do not understand the meaning of posts with "help". Please elaborate.

Good luck.

Iam looking for my friend Mr.Y.S.NARAYA ( BABU) living in Ivory coast. He hails from Andhra pradesh in India. Pl. help to get his contact numbers please. Thanks.

Can you help to findout address of my friend Mr,Y.S.NARAYANA ( BABU)LIVING IN IVORY COAST. HIS LAST MOB ON MY RECORDS ARE : +22505067500

tHANKS MY MAIL ID: [email protected]

lefilsdupecheur wrote:

I am an ivory and live here so I can help u

call me at +225 22 43 49 31 or +225 02 07 12 15


I also invite you to post an ad in the Ivory Coast classifieds > looking for section.

Thank you.

Hi ladies,

Any indian friends around in Abidjan.. I have just moved to Abidjan a week ago after marriage.