American school Of Abidjan

Hello everybody,

I'm coming in Ivory Coast soon and I would want my daughter to study at American school of Abidjan. I would like to have opinions of parents who have enrolled their children there (Location, experience, Tuition and fees)

Thank You

Can You help me please? I need help

Hello Jesuispardon
I was in Abidjan a few weeks ago in preparation of our move there in the coming few days.
During my stay I scouted many schools including the American School. The one information that I can provide about that school is that it is pricey. The tuition plus all other costs easily amounts to over 15.000 USD per student per year.
I hope that this information helps and good luck with your plans.
P.S: I will be back in Abidjan in two days...feel free to ask me if you need any specific info.

Thank You very much Tomfen for your reply. I've heard that people considers students of american school as rich kids of abidjan, do you have an idea of students of american school's behaviour? Please, I was also wondering if the school is situated in Cocody because I'm planning to live in Cocody. is located in Cocody. However I have no idea as to student behaviors since my visit was when school was closed and there was only an intendance at the office...when are you moving? I am currently on my way from Texas to Abidjan. Stay in touch.

Hello Tomfen,

I'm coming on sunday and I'll live in Angré. We can stay in touch

Have you made it to Abidjan? I am here now.