Study in Ivory Coast

Study in Ivory Coast
Updated 2016-04-26 12:42

Can foreigners study in Ivory Coast? What does the higher education system look like? Find out in this article.

Ivory Coast has been attracting many expatriates over the years, including students and professionals. So if you are wondering whether you can study in the country, rest assured! Ivory Coast has a developed education system from which you can benefit on moving there. Moreover, enrollment procedures are rather simple.

Higher education system

The Ivorian higher education system is governed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Primary and secondary education, for their part, are the responsibility of the Ministry of National Education. Finally, technical and vocational training are the responsibility of the Ministry of Vocational Training. Other ministries also take care of some technical training courses.

Higher education encompasses public and private universities, public schools and post-baccalaureate training institutions. As regards technical training, it includes public and private secondary and higher education training institutions.

Enrolling for higher studies

Each higher education or technical training institution has its own specific enrollment criteria. Some of the available courses in Ivory Coast are namely Economic Sciences, Communication, Juridical Science, Management and Administration, Natural Sciences, Languages, Literature, Civilization and Criminology, etc.

For more information on the different courses and enrollment criteria, please refer to the website of the selected university or higher education or training institution. In general, enrollment procedures take place on their respective websites. However, enrollment does not take place all year round. Hence, all of these institutions notify students regarding the registration schedules via their respective websites.

Required documents may vary from one institution to another, but in general, the following are to be produced:

  • all diplomas obtained before enrollment
  • your school report book
  • a copy of your identity card and passport.

You can obtain more information on the chosen higher education institution's website.


Registration fees apply during enrollment. These generally start as from 100,000 CFA francs, varying according to the level of education. Fees applying to foreign students coming from the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) are even higher and can reach up to 500,000 CFA francs for a Masters Degree or a PhD.

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